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Why Do Cats Walk On You While You Sleep – The Meaning

Why Do Cats Walk On You While You Sleep – The Meaning

Having a pet is altogether a different experience. Cats are one of the smartest yet mischievous pets that one can have. More often than not, they are sure to entertain and irritate you with their tactics; one of them is walking on you. This might lead you to ask: why Do Cats Walk On You While You Sleep?

Cats walk on you while you sleep to show to get your attention. They also walk on you to find a warm and comfortable spot to rest. Walking may also be a sign of a cat protecting you while you are not awake.

So, without any further ado, let’s look at the possible reasons for your cat walking on you and other aspects like stopping them from doing so and some commonly asked questions.

Reasons Cats Walk On You While You Sleep 

Let’s walk through the main six reasons for your cat walking on you while you are asleep. 

Your Cat Trusts You

If your cat walks on you, it indicates that it trusts you, that you will not harm her in any way. It is common in cats to run away from strangers as they do not trust them.

But with you, your four-legged friend is at ease and will not see any problem in walking on you even while you are enjoying your sleep.

Your Cat Loves You

This is probably the most heartwarming reason. Your cat loves you! And so, it will want to be near you most of the time. Hence, your furry friend will leave no chance to show her love for you, and while you are sleeping, she will walk on you.

Your Cat Is Seeking Your Attention

Cats love attention. And they want it more when they are not getting it from their pet owner. So, while you are asleep and not paying any heed to your furball, she will want your attention. And what better way than to walk on you when you are asleep?

Intelligent creatures, aren’t they?

Your Cat Is Looking For Warmth and Comfort

If you find your cat walking on you and standing during the winters, she is looking out for some warmth and comfort. She will see you as a great snuggle buddy and will always try to be near you.

Moreover, if you have a small pet kitten, you can expect it to search for warmth similar to her mother’s warmth. Being the pet owner, you will be the only person your kitten will trust the most and hence would snuggle with you.

Your Cat Is Exploring

How inquisitive cats are! We are pretty sure you must have found your cat putting on her detective cap and exploring probably every nook and corner of your home. And for her, your body is no different.

You might be a new aspect that your four-legged friend wants to explore. So, while you are sleeping peacefully, you can fully expect your cat to walk over you and inspect you.

Your Cat Wants To Show Its Ownership

Cats, just like other animals, love to claim their ownership over almost everything they like. And you are no different!

A cat establishes its ownership by passing on the smell from its skin over the other surfaces. While you sleep, your cat will see this as a perfect opportunity to rub off its scent on your body and show its ownership.

This behavior is more common if you have multiple pets or cats.

Why Do Cats Like To Sleep On You

Cats like to sleep on you as you provide them with the warmth and comfort they need, and they trust you not to harm them. Moreover, you are their favorite as you feed them!

Cats are intelligent creatures. They will always sleep at a spot where they can rely the most upon. The reason being that they are the most vulnerable while they sleep. So, they will always choose to sleep with a company they love. 

So, when your cat sleeps on you, it is a sign that your four-legged friend loves and trusts you the most. It indicates that she has established a great bonding with you, and your smell might be soothing for your cat.

Why Do Cats Bother You When You Sleep

Cats want your attention, and hence, they bother you when you sleep.

Cats are nocturnal, and hence, your pet may be more active during the night while you are asleep. So, while you are sleeping, your furry friend would want to play with you or maybe wants to munch on some snacks. 

To get your attention, she will bother and wake you when you are asleep. So, if you are not spending ample time with your cat, get ready to be bothered while you sleep!

Why Do Cats Get In Your Face While You Sleep

Cats will get in your face while you are asleep to show their contentment and happiness to you.

Your cat will try to form a close bond with you, as it loves you. Along with getting in your face, your cat can also lick you, purr at you, and diligently watch you. All these signs indicate one thing, your cat loves and adores you. 

As a pet owner, you should be pleased about this, as cats are usually hard to please!

Why Do Cats Sit On You When You Sleep

Cats sit on you while you sleep and use you as a perch to have a nice look at the surroundings.

While you sleep, your body works as an excellent viewing point for your cat to take a look at the surroundings. 

Your hip and shoulders are the familiar places where you can expect your smart furball to sit and enjoy the surrounding view.

How To Get Your Cat To Stop Walking On You

Even though your cat walking on you is an act of endearment, you should try to stop your cat from walking on you so that you are not disturbed while resting or in the middle of some critical work.

Follow the below five tips to stop your cat from walking on you.

Train Your Cat To Understand Your “No”

If you see your cat approaching you, you should try to discipline her by stating NO in a firm voice and making eye contact with your cat. Ensure that you do not shout or scream at your pet, as this might lead to trust issues going further.

As a warning, you should do a simple hand wave or a light stomping of the foot along with a stern no.

Reward Your Pet Cat

While training your cat to understand a NO, you should reward her with cat treats if she can follow your instructions. This will encourage your furball to abide more by your instructions.

Do Not Allow Your Cat to Enter the Room While You Sleep

If you do not like the idea of your cat walking over you when you are asleep or finishing off something important, you can close your room and sleep, preventing your cat from entering that room.

However, make sure that your cat has access to other rooms so that she can move freely and entertain herself. Always, you should place some food at the designated food tray, so your furry friend can feed herself if she is hungry.

Spend Ample Time With Them

Many times, your cat will walk on you to get your attention and to play with you. So, to avoid this, you should spend ample time with your pet cat. Playing with her and spending quality time with her will stop her from yearning for your attention.

Thus, since your cat has already spent time with you playing and enjoying, she will most likely not disturb you later on.

Feed Your Cat At Designated Times

It would help if you never missed the feeding times of your furry friend. Your cat is bound to walk on you if she is hungry, demanding food.

You should set a fixed eating schedule for your cat. This will ensure that your cat does not walk over you asking for food even during the night.

Things To Consider

While trying to stop your cat from walking on you, consider the below things:

● Do not scold or, worst, beat your cat under any circumstances. You are her pet parent. It is your responsibility to care for her, even if your cat walks on you.

● If your cat sleeps on you repeatedly, it means that your home is lacking a warm place for your furry friend to sleep. Create a warm cage or bed for your cat, and do not forget to put on the fleece blanket. Your cat will love the warmth.

● Never push off your cat. You should always pick her up gently from your lap or body and put it down. Your cat has shown immense trust and love in you.

● If you have many pets, and your cat is repeatedly walking on you, she feels insecure and yearning for your attention. Spend some extra time with her so that she can feel at ease.

Even though your cat will walk on you to show her affection, this should not be encouraged. Cats are capable of spreading diseases to pet owners. Few common diseases that can be caused simply by petting or touching the cat too much include:

● Hookworms

● Allergic reactions

● Cat Scratch

● Ringworm