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Why Do Cats Wink – Reasons & Things To Consider

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Cat behaviors can be subtle but meaningful, from purring to headbutting. But sometimes, they do things that can be hard to read, like the way they blink and wink their eyes. So why do cats wink?

Cats may wink to show affection. Cats also wink to communicate. Winking can also signify eye irritation, infections, or soreness in your cats eye.

It’s essential to get to know your cat’s unique quirks, so you can notice when there’s a change in behavior or appearance. A cat uses its eyes as a way to express a wide variety of things and can sometimes be a way of indicating that something isn’t quite right. A wink from a cat may be a harmless sign of affection or a warning sign of infection, so knowing the difference can be critical.

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Do cats purposefully wink

Cats can wink on purpose just like humans can. They have great control over their eyes and use them as a way to express themselves, from scaring other cats to expressing comfort and happiness. 

When a cat purposefully winks, they sometimes show their owners a sign of affection. Because we can’t communicate directly with our feline friends, this is a non-verbal form of connection. There are many ways cats use their body language to communicate with humans, from brushing their tails against us to using their paws. Each cat has his or her own way of expressing affection or getting attention.

Of course, some winks may be a coincidence. If your cat doesn’t normally wink – and the wink doesn’t come with other symptoms (such as watery eyes or sneezing) – then it likely isn’t something to worry about. If you’re ever unsure, you can call your vet and do a quick screening over the phone. This is especially true for kittens as they may not have established a communication pattern with you yet.

Why does my cat wink at me

A wink from a cat is a way of getting attention. A cat’s eyes are incredibly expressive, so they use them to show a wide variety of emotions and needs. Sometimes they want a bit of affection from their owner, like a loving pet or a tasty treat. But other times, they are trying to signal that something isn’t quite right. This may be because they have an infection (more on that below) or something less severe, but just as irritating, like allergies.

As you get to know your furry friend, you’ll start to get a better understanding of the ways they express themself. Some cats prefer head boops, while others will be more vocal with meowing and purring. Maybe you have a cat who likes to wink at you! Every cat is unique and expressive in its own way.

What is a kitty kiss

Some people refer to cat winks as kitty kisses. This is because some cats use the wink as a way to show affection to their owners or even to other animals. It’s different from the wide-eyed stare that they sometimes do. That kind of stare is usually an intimidation tactic, whereas a slow blink or closed eyes is a way for them to express that they are not a threat and are not trying to fight. A wink could be considered the in-between of those two extremes.

Your cat may do other kinds of kitty kisses, though. Maybe they rub against you with their full bodies and tails, or maybe they like to nibble on your toes. As long as they aren’t being aggressive, they are usually just trying to show you their love.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that cats don’t communicate in the exact same ways humans do. While we can understand a wink to mean one thing, it may mean something entirely different for a cat. Always pay attention to what other behaviors go along with your cat’s winking.

Is it normal for a cat to blink with one eye

While it can be normal for your cat to blink with one eye, it can also be a cause for concern. This is because a cat wink isn’t the same as a human wink. While we might wink at our friends in jest or because we’re attracted to someone, cats don’t always use this behavior in the same way.

A cat may be winking because something is wrong with its eye. They may have a piece of hair in their eye that they’re trying to blink away, or it could be something more serious like an infection.

You should continuously monitor your cat for signs of illness, so if the winking comes with other symptoms, it’s something to pay attention to. If you’re ever unsure, call your vet. They’ll be able to talk through the symptoms with you and determine whether your cat needs to be brought in for an exam.

How do you know if a cat has an eye infection

Squinting, winking, and watery eyes can be a sign that your cat has an eye infection. Eye infections can be caused by any number of irritants like smoke, wind, sand, or chemicals. This can also result in allergies, which is different than an infection.

If you notice that your cat is winking more often or keeping one eye squinted, it may be time to call your vet. It’s crucial to note any other symptoms that go along with the squinting, like swelling or discharge. Your vet will be able to determine if the underlying cause is an infection, irritation, or allergies. If any medication is needed to heal the pain, the vet will prescribe it for you and give you directions on applying it.

Can a cat’s eye infection heal on its own

Some eye infections can heal on their own, while others require more diligent care. That’s why it’s always important to check with your vet. If your cat seems to have an irritated eye for a very brief period but doesn’t have any other symptoms, it may have just been something caught in their eye. But if the symptoms persist for even more than a few hours, it can be a good idea to give your vet a quick call. As always, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to caring for your cat or kitten.

Things to consider

Cat behavior can be challenging to interpret because we can’t communicate with them directly. You are the one who knows your cat best, so if a behavior seems strange or comes with other symptoms, the best bet is to talk to your vet. But if your cat likes to wink occasionally and doesn’t seem to be in pain, that may be the way they choose to express their fondness for you!