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Why Doesn’t My Cat Like Me Anymore – 9 Reasons To Know!

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There’s nothing worse than a cat that doesn’t like you. Cats can be very fickle creatures, and non-affectionate cats can be downright puzzling. Some cats will instantly love you, and that will never change. Sometimes your cat may seem to like you, and then suddenly, or gradually, they do not show the same kind of affection towards you. This leaves cat owners with a serious question; why doesn’t my cat like me anymore?

Your cat doesn’t like you anymore due to negative experiences, behavioral changes, stress, and anxiety. A recent change in routine, environment, feeling unwell, and a lack of connection can also cause cats not to like you.

Each cat is different, and there is no clear-cut answer as to why your cat doesn’t like you anymore. Typically, if something has changed about you, your personality, and how you treat your cat, that will cause them not to like you anymore. Or, they could be feeling sick, and a prolonged illness might make it seem like they do not like you because of how they are acting.

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Reasons Your Cat Doesn’t Like You 

All cats are different, so it may take some time and research to discover why they do not like you anymore truly. Below we have listed some of the most common reasons for your cat not to like you.

1. You are excessively affectionate

Cats very much like to decide when they receive affection. Unwanted attention that interrupts what they are doing may cause them not to like you. Even if it doesn’t seem to bother them at first, they may push away from you if it continually happens.

2. They have had a negative experience with previous owners

If you have rescued a cat, you need to approach them more delicately because they may have experienced trauma that continues to affect them. They could have experienced abuse or neglect that has led them to stay away from humans as much as they can.

Even if they are affectionate at first, if they were abandoned, they could start to worry that you will do the same and stop being affectionate towards you.

3. You haven’t connected with them yet

If your cat lives in your house, but you don’t try to make a connection with them, it’ll probably seem like they don’t like you.

Maybe they did like you at first, but they could become distant with you after not getting the attention they want. It is essential to take time to play with them and snuggle them to build that connection.

4. They do not have the necessary care they need

It is possible that your schedule or lifestyle could change, and your cat stops receiving the care that they once did. This can lead them to dislike you because you are not treating them as you did before.

Or, if they have a condition that needs more specific attention that’s not being attended to, they could feel like they are not being cared for. Some cats are also just incredibly needy, and if they are not receiving the attention they want, they will look for it somewhere else.

5. Their environment has changed

Cats are creatures of habit, so that any change will cause problems for them for some time. It is best to introduce changes in their environment as slowly as possible to acclimate to what is new. If their environment changes suddenly, this could stress them out and affect their trust in you.

6. They are unwell

This is probably the most common reason as to why your cat doesn’t like you anymore. When cats are not feeling well, they tend to stay to themselves as much as possible to focus on their healing process.

Cats will also try to hide pain and discomfort for as long as they can. So if you notice they are distant with you because they are sick, they may be dealing with something severe that needs proper medical attention.

7. They are depressed

Cats can become depressed, and when they are sad, they start to become physically unhealthy. They could be sad because of a change in environment, a change in your behavior toward them, or a loss of a companion. 

8. They are getting ready to pass on

Cats have the ability to tell when they are getting close to passing away. Due to this ability, they often seclude themselves so they can pass on in peace.

If your cat is older or ill and starts to distance themselves from you, it might not be that they don’t like you; they may be preparing for a comfortable departure.

9. The temperature is too hot for them

While cats tend to like a warmer temperature for themselves, they can get too hot and need to cool down. If it is summertime and exceptionally warm in your home, it is unlikely your cat will want to cuddle with you.

Or, if they do, they may not stay for very long. It may seem like they don’t like you if they just snuggled you all winter, and now they are avoiding you during the summer.

How Do You Know When Your Cat Doesn’t Like You Anymore

It will be fairly obvious to you if your cat doesn’t like you anymore because of how their behavior will change. They may go from being super cuddly with you to all of a sudden not wanting to ever sit in your lap. Or maybe they stop eating the food you put down, and when you try different foods to entice them, they still don’t want to eat it. Your cat might start to avoid you all together; you’ll notice this if they hide when you are around or run past you.

Do Cats Hold Grudges

No, cats do not hold grudges.

Cats have a lot of sass and attitude, so it may seem like they are holding a grudge, but they are not. Holding a grudge is a conscious choice that someone makes, and cats do not have this ability.

Your cat will not stop liking you because of a specific situation they are holding a grudge over. 

Do Cats Forgive Abuse

Generally, cats will forgive abuse, but they do not view it consciously. Instead, cats treat the situation through association and will begin to understand certain tones of voice and behaviors with it.

Interestingly enough, cats can just as quickly forget about being hit when presented with a simple treat and affection.

However, cats that experience routine trauma will learn to associate certain individuals with it and in that case will view the situation from a place of fear

This is a tricky question to answer because it depends on the cat’s personality. Two cats that are treated the same way could act entirely differently.

Some cats will respond to abuse by avoiding you as much as possible. If they think you will hurt them, they will run and hide from you every chance they get.

They may also hiss and swat at you to defend themselves. This is not the same as holding a grudge, though. This is a cat that has a trauma response to repeated harmful behavior.

On the other hand, some cats will forgive abuse because they crave affection.

These are usually more needy cats that, no matter their situation, want to be loved. They may understand the abuse as they did something wrong, so they will try to be good, so you will give them what they want.

Why Has My Cat Stopped Showing Me Affection

Your cat could have stopped showing you affection because something about you has changed. Perhaps you are seeing someone new, and your romantic relationship has taken too much time away from your cat. They see you being affectionate with someone else but no them, so they pull away from you.

Or maybe your schedule has changed, and you don’t have much time to spend with them. If you spend hours sitting on your couch, chances are your cat will come up and want to cuddle with you.

When your schedule changes and suddenly you only have thirty minutes to sit on the couch, your cat may not come to visit you. This is because they are used to a specific routine, and now you have changed that.

They could also not be feeling well. Your cat may not want to be touched when they are feeling sick. Affectionate may irritate however they are feeling. They are most likely just trying their best to focus on healing. 

Do Cats Get Less Affectionate With Age

Yes, it’s possible for cats to get less affectionate with age.

Cats getting less affectionate with age entirely depends on the cat. It is true that some cats get older and get grouchier, as many of us do. They no longer have the energy or patience to deal with certain things.

Showing you affectionate may have become too draining for them, and that is why they do not do it as much anymore. Some cats, as they age, also develop chronic illness, and these can affect how affectionate they are with you.

Cats can also get more affectionate with age. The more time they spend with you, the more they love you. They know you take care of them and that you are their person. They can get even more snuggly as they age because they get so much comfort from being around you.

How Can I Get My Cat To Like Me Again

There are a couple of things you can do to get your cat to like you again. Most importantly, you want to spend time with them.

If they never really see you because you are always in and out of the house, they will not build a strong connection with you. Even if this connection existed once, it can be broken or damage by a change in how you spend time with them.

Take time to play with them and to cuddle with them. Be the one to feed them regularly, so they know that you are their source of food. You can also entice them into liking you more by making them special meals.

Trying new food or even cooking them something from scratch could convince them to like you more. Plus, give them treats often. When they know you provide delicious snacks for them, they will like you so much more.

If you have tried these things and it still seems like your cat doesn’t like you, talk with your veterinarian.

It could be crucial to get an exam done to ensure that an illness or injury is not impairing how your cat is acting. The sooner you get these kinds of things taken care of, the sooner your cat will show that they like you.

Your veterinarian can also recommend an animal behaviorist if there is not a medical issue causing the problem. Seeing a behaviorist can help you identify what is causing your cat not to like you. Then they can tell you precisely how to fix it. 

Things To Consider

Remember that if it seems like your cat doesn’t like you anymore, there is probably an underlying issue that is causing this. Luckily, many of these issues can be fixed.

Start by analyzing your behavior and changes in your lifestyle to consider if these have affected your cat. Then make sure your cat is healthy and well taken care of.

If you are patient and take the time to build back your relationship with them, your cat will show you that they like you again in no time.