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Why Is My Cat So Affectionate In the Morning – What To Know

You won’t find most cat owners complaining when their felines wake up feeling extra affectionate. As most cat owners know, cats are very strong-willed, and it can be rare for a cat to want to snuggle or be affectionate with its owner. You may start to notice a pattern and wonder to yourself; why is my cat so affectionate in the morning?

Cats are affectionate in the morning because they expect their owners to be active and attentive to them during those hours. Cats look for food, attention, and communication in the morning. These are positive associations for your cat and may prompt them to feel more affection towards you in the mornings. 

There’s more to it than just knowing when you wake up though. Cats are creatures of habit, and there are many more reasons why they show affection in the morning which we’ll dive into next!

Reasons Cats Are Affectionate In The Morning

Every cat is different, but there are some common traits you will find among all cats. Here’s a few below to give you an idea of why your cat behaves the way they do in the mornings.

Cats Are Morning Pets

Similar to humans, animals naturally have more energy at certain times of the day. For cats, the morning hours are when they are most awake and active, and this may cause them to seek out affection.

Cats Don’t Need To Sleep Long

Cats do not follow the same circadian rhythm as humans do. While humans typically are advised to sleep for one eight-hour stretch at night, cats sleep for around fifteen hours a day, but this is often broken up into several smaller naps.

Cats may only sleep for an hour or two at a time and will feel as refreshed as you do when you get a solid eight-hour slumber. 

Cats Want Affection In Order To Get Fed

Breakfast is aptly named as we break the long fast each morning between dinner and the breakfast hour.

If your cat also eats an early dinner, the stretch between dinner and breakfast is probably their longest time frame without food. As a result, they are going to be quite hungry by the time you wake up and will do whatever it takes to remind you to feed them promptly!

Your Cat Needs Companionship

Because cats do not follow the same sleep pattern as humans, they are often quite active during the night.

The natural hunting instinct times for cats are daybreak and sunset, and you may notice your cat still possesses the most energy during those windows of time.

Your cat may get lonely while you are sleeping, and showing you affection in the morning is their way of getting excited to have their friend awake again.

Your Cat Is Thankful For You

A long period without their human to keep them company at night may lead your cat to feel extra thankful for you come the morning light. Cats that get close to you and purr are often trying to show their love and thanks for the amazing life you give your cat!

Why Do Cats Want Attention In the Morning

Cats want a lot of attention and affection in the morning because they know that this is when they will have their owner’s undivided attention. Often cats will jump into bed with you while you are still half asleep because they are smart and realize you will pet them and give them attention before you get out of bed and start your day.

Often first thing in the morning is a less chaotic time, and your cat knows that you will have a few extra moments to spend with them compared to the rest of the day.

Why Is My Cat So Needy In The Morning

The most sensible answer to why your cat is needy in the morning is that they quite literally need you to get them fresh water or feed them!

Typically while you are sleeping at night is an eight or nine-hour stretch of time where you are disengaged from your cat, and because they are more nocturnal creatures, they often will have been busy playing or hunting while you were sleeping. All their nighttime activities can work up a huge appetite!

If your cat is ferociously hungry and is waking you up in the morning for food, consider giving them a snack or small meal before you go to bed to alleviate the pressure on you to wake up early in the morning.

Why Does My Cat Wake Me Up To Cuddle

Your cat is waking you up to cuddle in the morning because they are crepuscular animals. This is the scientific term for any animal that is the most active during the twilight hours, including dawn and dusk.

That means in the early morning hours, your cat feels the most awake and is going to want attention and love. After learning that cats are crepuscular, you will start to notice the pattern that they seek you out the most during these hours of the day.

Why Does My Cat Wake Me Up Purring

If you wake up to the sound of your cat purring near you, know that they are purring to try and soothe you. Often cats can sense when you are in a light phase of sleep, and they may get closer to you if they sense sudden movement or a disruption in your sleep.

Purring is one of the main ways cats comfort their kittens, and they use this practice with their humans. It is a way to reassure you or to encourage you to wake up gently. It’s always better to experience some soft purring instead of a cat who jumps on your face!

Why Does My Cat Come To Me When I Wake Up

Your cat comes over to you when you wake up out of excitement that you are now awake. Due to the differences in sleep schedules between you and your cat, they have likely been awake for hours by themselves and are so thrilled to see that you are showing signs of waking up.

If you only have a one-cat household, you are your cat’s source of companionship, and they would much prefer you be awake so that you can pet them, play with them, and feed them when necessary. Consider your cat running over when you wake up to be a joyful form of a greeting.

Why Does My Cat Wake Me Up To Be Petted

Your cat wakes you up to be petted because they love attention in the mornings. This is a challenging problem for many pet owners who struggle with their cats waking them up for attention much earlier than they would prefer. The best solution is to truly ignore your cat if they attempt to wake you up for any reason.

Once they catch on that you are not asleep anymore; they will ruthlessly continue to paw at you and get you to pet them. Try to keep your breathing steady and avoid rustling around too much in bed to prevent them from getting worked up.

Things To Consider

While it can be lovely to have a cat wake you up in a loving way, this can also encourage poor behavior. There are ways you can train your cat to respect your sleep schedule better so that you can get a good night of rest.

One way to do this is to train them to sleep in by not giving in to their demands. Use an alarm to teach them that you will get up when the alarm goes off, but not before that.

While you may love cuddling with your cat in the mornings, if they continue to be disruptive to your sleep, you may have to consider locking them out of your room at night as well.

If you believe your cat is waking you up because they are food motivated, invest in an automatic feeder. Your cat will quickly catch on that the food is dispensing at a set time on its own, and they may sit by the feeder and wait for their breakfast instead of attempting to wake you up early each morning.

Ultimately being a cat owner may mean embracing starting your day earlier than before. Having a cat can be a great way to train yourself to be a morning person because it can be more effective than any alarm at ensuring you remember to wake up.