Are Flame Point Siamese Cats Rare – 6 Things To Know

While the Siamese cat breed is well-known, it is a challenging breed to acquire. Some coat colors are even rarer. The flame point would be one of those coat colors. Are Flame Point Siamese cats rare?

Flame Point Siamese cats are rare. They are scarce and difficult to find. This is primarily because the flame point coloring is difficult to find in a cat. Prices range from $400 – $2000 for a cat this rare. 

Read on to learn more about this unique coat found in this ancient breed. No worries, they still come with the same angular face and blue eyes!

Are Flame Point Siamese Cats Purebred

Yes, a flame point Siamese cat is a purebred cat. The description of flame point refers to the coat of the cat. A flame point Siamese cat’s fur will appear almost reddish, as opposed to the classic seal point or blue point the Siamese is known for. This coat of cat can be called a flame point or a red point. Different parts of the world use different terminology.

To ensure that your Siamese is not mixed with another breed, buy only from reputable breeders or adopt from rescue groups that have the paperwork. This allows you to verify the pedigree of your cat, and you can be assured that you are getting a purebred flame point Siamese cat.

How Much Do Flame Point Siamese Cats Cost

The cost of these cats will range from $400-$1000, sometime a high as $2000. The price varies due to the cat’s age, choice of a breeder, and the pedigree of the cat’s parents. Cats that were bred from two champion parents will cost considerably more, as will the most reputable breeders. Those breeders can charge more since they spend more money on vetting the quality of their litters. If you are working with a breeder, and the costs are incredibly inexpensive, ask questions about how they care for their cats.

Traditionally kittens cost more than adult cats. However, suppose you are buying a cat that has the potential to be a show cat (or has already started participating in cat shows). In that case, he or she will cost more than most adult purebred cats would. 

The coat of your cat will also increase how much you pay for your cat. The more rare the coat or markings, the higher the price for the cat. Since a flame point, Siamese is the rarest coat for this breed; these will be the most expensive Siamese cats you can buy.

How Do You Get A Flame Point Siamese

The most likely place to get a flame point Siamese cat is from a breeder. These individuals have been around their chosen breed for years. This person knows the ins and outs of their cats and the litters they produce. They can make sure buyers have all the required paperwork to prove their cat’s bloodline and health.

Not every breeder is created equal, so you will want to research before settling on a person to purchase from. A purebred cat is a costly investment. You want to make sure you are getting exactly what you think you are paying for.

Before selecting a breeder, consider the following:

  • Don’t be scared to ask the breeder for references. Any reputable breeder will have previous clients who will rave about their reputation. If they refuse to provide this, go elsewhere.
  • Ask your vet for suggestions. Vets are the individuals who deal with breeders when they bring their pets in for treatment. They will know who treats their pets well and who is shady.
  • Ask them if they have a website. Any reputable breeder should have an online presence where future customers can see the litters their bloodlines have produced.
  • If your friends have the same pet you are looking to adopt, ask them what breeder they used. A friend will always be honest with you and tell you if anything was amiss. They will also be able to honestly tell you about any genetic health conditions they have encountered.
  • Ask to tour their facilities before signing any contracts. You want to see what conditions these animals live in. An ethical breeder will treat these animals like they are part of the family. These animals should have ample food, water, and clean living conditions. If they can’t or won’t show you these things, you could be dealing with a backyard breeder, and you should go elsewhere ASAP. These animals are not properly vetted and could cause unexpected bills and vet trips.
  • Ask for the medical records on your pet. If your breeder isn’t trying to hide aspects of your pet’s health, they will provide them. Honestly, they should offer them without being prompted.
  • Any animal you adopt from a breeder should be weened and old enough to leave their mother. For a kitten, the age to leave their mom is roughly about 12 weeks. Don’t adopt from a breeder trying to adopt out pets younger than that.
  • Cat fancier societies will also be a terrific resource for locating a reputable breeder. Similar to vets, they know who is above board and who is shady.
  • Once you select a breeder, they should want to know about you as well. They should have a vested interest in sending their animals to quality homes. If the breeder doesn’t care about you or what kind of life you will provide this pet, that should raise at least one red flag. If they don’t care about what kind of homes their animals go to, what else do they not care about?

Where To Find A Flame Point Siamese For Adoption

If you don’t feel like going through the hassle and expense of dealing with a breeder, adoption is another terrific route for adding a Siamese to your family. Adoption doesn’t cost as much as purchasing from a breeder. Adoption clears a spot in the adoption center so the center can take in another animal, which is essentially helping two cats.

While it doesn’t happen often, purebred cats show up in shelters. Many shelters across the country are open admission. If someone ended up with a Siamese cat and decided they no longer want to care for the cat (or can no longer care for the cat), they can surrender the cat to the shelter. That cat is then up for adoption per the rules of that shelter. Using tools like can help you search shelters for a purebred cat.

Rescue groups are another integral part of the rescue team. These non-profit groups pull animals from shelters and keep them with their group. This frees up more space in these open intake shelters. Many purebred animals have rescue groups dedicated to searching for them in shelters nationwide, and getting them to these breed-specific rescue groups. Do a Google search for Siamese rescue groups, and you will find several in the US. Let them know what you are looking for, and they will be more than happy to help you adopt the Siamese of your choice.

What Should You Know Before Adding A Flame Point Siamese To Your Home

Siamese cats can trace their roots to Thailand. The breed has been described almost as dog-like. They like to spend a great deal of time with their owners and are best suited for a home with an owner who isn’t gone for long periods. They are affectionate, playful, high-energy, and quite talkative. They even like to play fetch!

In terms of their health, they are a reasonably healthy breed. The most common health issues seen in the breed are mammary tumors and progressive retinal atrophy. Close to half of Siamese cats live longer than 12 years.


Purebred flame point Siamese cats are challenging to come by. The flame point coloring is extremely rare. To ensure you are getting a purebred Siamese, work only with a reputable breeder or breed-specific rescue group. On average, expect your Siamese to live 12+ years. The breed is mostly healthy and free of the genetic issues that may plague other breeds.


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