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Are Siamese Cats Clumsy – Physical Traits And More

“Clumsy” and “cat” are two words that no one assumed could go together. The Siamese cat, although its elegant appearance insinuates otherwise, it’s the cat that defies the agile cat norm. So are Siamese cats clumsy?

Siamese cats are generally clumsy. They can jump, run, and play just as easily as any other domestic cat breed, but the Siamese cat is less coordinated when they do so. Their physical makeup contributes to their lack of overall balance. Extreme clumsiness in cats can be attributed to underlying health issues.

Many may wonder how such a sophisticated-looking creature, historically reserved for royalty and the dignified, can be so inelegant by nature. The answer lies within their comical personality; you have to fully understand their temperament in order to cherish the Siamese’s innate clumsiness.

The Siamese Cat Personality

The Siamese cat was historically bred for Thai royalty and Buddhist monks; not only are they esteemed and stunning creatures, but they’re also social, playful, and energetic.

Perfect for children and couples alike, Siamese cats will play with you and talk to you all day long— and that’s not an understatement. They follow their owners consistently throughout the house, hoping to keep their attention!

It is widely believed that Siamese cats will always tell you what’s on their mind. With them in the house, there’s no shortage of loud, high-pitched, consistent meows. Many Siamese owners report that their cat’s meow sounds similar to a baby’s cry.

The Siamese’s lively personality, which lends to their tendency to ungracefully flop from couch to floor while playing, may give off the impression that they are not the brightest.

Although they may act silly, Siamese cats are the opposite of unintelligent. The Siamese is the brainiest domestic cat out there.

Siamese cats can learn quickly; new Siamese owners are often surprised to find that their cat can open their doors and cabinets. While the Siamese cat’s intelligence can get them into trouble, they are also trainable and can be taught to put their smarts elsewhere.

Siamese Cat Temperament

Siamese cats are debatably mini-dogs. After all, they’re trainable, highly social, and interactive. They genuinely don’t fit your typical “lone, aloof cat” stereotype.

There is an interesting correlation between the Siamese’s dog-like temperament and their clumsy nature. Most dogs are not the most agile; when running through the house, they’re bound to knock something over. Their wagging tail is almost always a threat to wine glasses and vases alike.

While Siamese cats aren’t as clumsy as dogs, in that they won’t knock over everything you own, their tendency to be clown-like in character highlight a massive difference between them and almost every other cat breed.

While my cat, playing with a string over the edge of a bed, might fall and quickly land on four legs, a Siamese cat will likely not do the same. Instead, a Siamese cat may fall, flop on their side, and continue playing. Being highly unusual in terms of cat behavior, the Siamese’s careless topples can be surprising at first.

It should be considered that, since the Siamese is one of the most extroverted domestic cats, their clumsiness may be a bi-product of their care-free personality. They may be less on high-alert and more comfortable within their environment than other cat breeds, causing them to have an overall silly disposition.

Adjusting Your Home For Your Clumsy Siamese

Bearing in mind how clumsy Siamese cats can be, you may want to adjust the layout of your living space to protect your cat and your valuables.

Every cat owner, whether they adopted a Siamese or other domestic cat breed, must adapt their living space at least a tiny bit to accommodate for their cat’s needs.

Even the nimblest of cats can miss a landing or run into objects. My older cat, when chasing my younger one around the house, used to slam into ajar doors. We even found a bleeding wound on her head one night, which surprised us. We’d never considered that our home wasn’t cat-proof.

This incident shows that even if you think your home can safely accommodate your clumsy Siamese, there’s always room for improvement.

Add contemporary cat shelving or sleek cat trees to your living space to lure your Siamese away from edges or surfaces on which they could easily bump their head. Trust me; you do not want a broken tooth on your hands. Plus, a Siamese, being energetic, curious, and highly intelligent, will appreciate cat-designated areas to explore and lounge.

Most importantly, keep delicate objects packed away or out of reach. This news may be disheartening for design-savvy individuals who fill their homes with sculptures. While an average house cat may leave your valuables alone, a Siamese cat is will almost certainly topple things over just for the fun of it.

Even if they aren’t trying to knock over your favorite vase, they could still do so during play. Move your valuables to safety, but also try replacing them with a toy that your cat can safely knock onto the ground, whether on purpose or by accident.

Can I Train my Siamese to be Less Clumsy?

Siamese cats are highly trainable; nevertheless, they will always be clumsy by nature. The Siamese cat’s clumsiness is a trademark of the breed and should be seen as something special opposed to something to worried about.

While you can’t train your cat to be less clumsy, you can train them to play certain games with you. That way, their energy can be more safely depleted. Fetch is a popular game among Siamese cat owners.

You can also train your Siamese to keep away from things you don’t want them to come into contact with. They can learn not to play near objects that may hurt themselves on.

For example, spray lemon juice on a surface, such as a high counter, that you don’t want your cat playing on. The citrus will repel them; once they jump off the counter, give them a treat. Keeping your cat off the counters is not only more hygienic, but it also eliminates the possibility that they could clumsily fall off a high surface.

Siamese Cats Need A Companion

Two clumsy cats are better than one. Siamese cats almost always need feline companionship, to the point where they will develop depression if they lack it. Sometimes, human companionship just isn’t enough.

If you’re worried because your clumsy Siamese is wreaking havoc through your home, get them a kitty friend. The chances are that their concerning behavior will balance out, and they’ll begin directing their clumsiness to one-on-one cat play.

Clumsiness is a part of the Siamese breed that will (hopefully) never fade. It is a quality that makes watching and interacting with the Siamese cat much more entertaining. I mean, have you looked up “clumsy Siamese cats” on YouTube? To be honest, it’s hard not to admire their silly nature.

That said, it’s still worrying when one cat breed is less nimble than the others. You can’t help but wonder if they have a harder time imitating hunting, or feel set back from the abilities of their cat companions.

However, I assure you—Siamese cats still have just as much fun as other cats, despite their clumsiness. Their silliness may even be relieving—owning a straight cut, and serious cat won’t yield the most entertaining times at home.

Of course, if you’re worried about your Siamese getting itself into harm’s way, you can always provide a watchful eye to make sure they don’t get into too much trouble.

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