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Do Siamese Cats Get Along With Dogs – Introducing Pets!

Cats and dogs living in harmony is a pet owner’s dream, especially if it’s a Siamese cat. However, Siamese cats have a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to companionship. So if you’re both a dog and cat lover, the big question you might have is; do Siamese cats get along with dogs?

Yes, Siamese cats get along with dogs. Properly introducing your cat and your dog relatively can form successful bonds early. Its also typically easier to introduce Siamese cats and dogs when one or both animals are young. Owning a dog can even be suitable for your Siamese cat since playing with a dog can help keep them healthier and more active. 

We’re not entirely sure where Siamese cats got a reputation for being mean, however, most Siamese cats are adorable, curious, and friendly. If you’re considering keeping Siamese cats and dogs together, you’ll need to prepare for both pets. Here’s what you need to know:

Do Siamese Cats Like Dogs

Yes, Siamese cats like dogs. However, not all Siamese cats will like dogs on sight, but the two animals can get along pretty well together. Ideally, you want to have a dog that’s a little more of a friendly and curious side since that will compliment your Siamese cat’s natural curiosity and energy.

Of course, some Siamese cats will react poorly to dogs when you try to introduce them. Taking things slow and working on a positive introduction is essential to keep Siamese cats and dogs together.

Don’t worry; we’ll talk about good introduction tactics a little later on.

The great thing about Siamese cats is that they’re mostly curious enough to give anything and anyone a try. As long as your dog doesn’t accidentally frighten your cat in those first few interactions, they’ll probably get along fine.

It is essential to consider your cat’s history, though. Siamese cats are pretty common rescues thanks to their curious and highly vocal natures. If your cat is a rescue from a shelter or another home, you may want to see how they react to strange dogs before you commit to bringing a dog into your home.

It’s also essential to monitor your dog’s comfort around your Siamese cat. While rare, some cats can intimidate dogs, and dogs with a bad history with cats might not take a new feline companion well.

Anticipating the needs of both animals is an essential part of helping them learn to like one another, especially if you’re hoping for a playful relationship.

Will A Siamese Cats Personality Work With My Dog

In general, a Siamese cat’s personality can work well with any dog. However, each cat is different, and sometimes it can be difficult to know how your animals will interact with one another. Most Siamese cats have a warm personality, and they are known for being vocal and desiring attention.

For that reason, you can probably expect your Siamese cat to make moves toward your dog, and so it’s important that your dog is prepared for that kind of “in your face” interaction. If your dog is relatively calm, then this will mostly be about exploring who your dog is, adjusting to its scent, and making friends.

However, every cat is different, and sometimes the only true way to know their personality is to test it out.

One way to test your cat’s personality is to put them in unfamiliar situations and see how they react. For example, you can try having your dog walk throughout the room, and then bring your cat into that same room a few minutes later. Allow them to look at each other from a distance first.

If you notice your cat sniffing around, that’s probably normal and eventually settling down, then that’s a good sign. However, if the situation is not appealing to your cat, you’ll probably witness the following:

  • Arched back
  • Aggressive posture
  • Hissing or meowing
  • Hiding

The behaviors listed above can indicate your cat is not happy about the situation, and you’ll maybe want to reconsider that companionship.

Which Dog Breeds Work Best With Siamese Cats

Siamese cats do pretty well with the right kind of dog, and you can even get some special pet relationships by keeping Siamese cats and dogs in the same home.

It’s crucial to pick a dog that’s likely to have the right temperament for your cat before you bring them home. A few breeds of dogs tend to work exceptionally well, though you can go with other breeds if you have some prior experience working with cats and dogs together.

Golden Retrievers: The high energy and friendly nature of a retriever is a good match for the curiosity and energy of a Siamese cat. These two might not get along right away, and it might take them a little while to figure out how to play together, but they should do pretty well.

Beagles: Beagles are closer to the size of a Siamese cat but still have plenty of energy and curiosity to go around. Plus, they tend to be sweet and friendly by nature, making it a lot easier to make friends with a Siamese cat.

Labrador Retrievers: Labs are knowledgeable, friendly, and are willing to go along with most things. They can be a little more territorial than some other dogs we recommend with Siamese cats, but they can be managed together as long as you make sure both animals have some space to themselves. Plus, Labs are good at learning how to play with smaller animals without hurting them and have naturally soft mouths and gentle playstyles. Those traits can keep your Siamese safer while they’re getting used to each other.

Pugs: Your average pug might not be a high-energy animal exactly, but they can still be a good companion for your Siamese cat. These two are both curious and relatively sweet-natured, and they both tend to be vocal and willing to communicate with each other and their owners. That makes for a reasonably reliable mix, plus you won’t have to worry too much about your pug and Siamese cat injuring one another on accident.

Boxers: Boxers are some of the more intelligent dogs out there. They are naturally curious, incredibly friendly, and willing to love on just about anything that will let them. Boxers might look fierce, but they’ll complement your Siamese’s curiosity well. Plus, your Boxer’s energy will probably keep your Siamese on its toes and help it stay active and healthy for a long time.

These breeds aren’t the only ones that will get along with Siamese cats, but they all have the kind of personality you’re looking for.

Tips For Introducing Siamese Cats To Dogs

Introducing Siamese cats to dogs should take some time, and the more subtle and slow you can make the introduction, the better it’s likely to go. Below are a few crucial tips for introducing Siamese cats to dogs successfully:

Acclimate Your Siamese Cat To The Home

Chances are you’re curious about introducing Siamese cats and dogs because, well, you don’t have the cat yet. So, when you do finally have the cat, you have to realize the dog has already been roaming the home placing its scent everywhere.

For a cat new to the home, this will take some time. For this reason, you should allow your cat to roam the home freely for a bit, and without your dog around. Your cat will naturally gravitate to certain rooms and locations where they feel comfortable.

Keep a note of where those spaces are because when you bring your dog back into the picture, your cat will likely go to those places to find comfort (or shelter if they are afraid). You can also use this to your advantage and make sure your pets interact in those spaces where the cat feels most comfortable.

Cats love familiarity, and so it’s essential to give them an area where they can know the space and know what to expect and where to go. Have some treats on hand, chances are you’ll need them!

Create Separate Spaces

In addition to letting your cat check out the home and find a safe place, you should probably designate a room where you can keep the pets separate. At first, you should keep your Siamese cat and your dog separate. This will give them a chance to get used to the smell and sound of the other animal without having to confront one another. You should keep them isolated for at least a few days, but you can keep them isolated for several weeks if you prefer.

While your cat is in a separate room, you can use scent products to help calm them. This can be a diffuser product or something more simple like a blanket your cat is familiar with. Cat’s are not the type of pet that enjoys being sectioned off from anyone or anything, and that includes your dog. So, for that reason, I definitely recommend placing as many calming items in the room.

Think of items such as:

  • Pillows and blankets
  • Dirty clothes (or clothes you have worn)
  • Toys and treats

Use A Crate For Your Dog

It’s never fun to put dogs in crates, but sometimes it’s necessary.

If your dog is already crate trained, then the introduction of the pets becomes much easier. It’s essential to use a crate when you can’t directly supervise your pets. So, if you’re working or have to leave the home for any point in time, you can have peace of mind your pets won’t get into any sort of altercation.

Introduce Your Siamese Cat At A Young Age

When a cat is older, it’s harder to get them to do things the way you want. The best age to make an impression on them is when they are younger. This allows you to set the tone and help build good relationships, especially when trying to introduce them to a dog.

The same can be said for your dog as well. However, your dog is less likely to see your cat as a threat if the cat is young and certainly smaller in stature.

I would not recommend trying to introduce older cats and dogs to one another. They are often set in their ways. This is not to say that it’s impossible to do this, but the best time to start is at the very beginning.

One thing to keep in mind about kittens; they are highly active, and so your dog will have to deal with that. It may not be a bad idea to crate your kitten initially, just so they don’t slip out of place and bother your dog too much.

Be Patient

The most important tip for introducing a cat and dog is to be patient. These sorts of transitions do not happen overnight.

When you do decide to allow your Siamese cat and dog to spend time together, make sure this is done in short intervals. No more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time to start, and then you can gradually increase the time.

Although your pets may seem like they are getting along at first, the mood can quickly change if one pet does something that the other is not prepared for. For example, if your Siamese cat were to go into a frenzy and jump all over the home, that might startle your dog.

Likewise if your dog ventures to an area that your cat has claimed as its own, it could lead to a tussle. So, with that in mind, monitor your pets, and keep track of the time. After a while, you can increase those intervals and allow them to be free after a while.

After you’ve kept them isolated, it’s time for limited instructions. If your Siamese cat is leash trained, it’s a good idea to have them on a leash as well, but your dog should be on a leash at a minimum. Try introducing them for just a couple of minutes at a time at first. Gradually work up to longer introductions so long as neither animal seems stressed.

You can use treats and other distractions to keep both animals calm while you’re introducing them.

If either animal seems stressed after introductions, it’s time to slow down. Wait a couple of days and then start over with a shorter introduction time.

It’s also important to be prepared for it to take a couple of months for your cat and dog to get used to each other. It can take a little longer for your Siamese cat and dog to start getting along.

Do Siamese Cats Get Along With Other Pets

Yes, Siamese cats can get along with other pets, but it’s crucial to pick the right pet. For instance, a Siamese cat might get along with a ferret after a careful introduction, but small lizards or rodents may both bring out your cat’s prey drive.

Siamese cats do pretty well with friendly dogs and can even get along with pig breeds, which are common pets. Siamese cats and birds are not a good combination. Siamese cats are a little too likely to see birds as prey, even large birds, leading to fights.

Things To Consider

Anytime you’re considering introducing a new pet to your home, it’s essential to think about what you’ll do if your animals don’t get along. You should provide a couple of rooms separated from the other animals in case introductions don’t go well.

It’s essential to make sure your animal introductions are gradual and that you’re paying attention to all of your animal’s stress levels while they’re together. Stressing your new pets too quickly can easily make them dislike each other, and they might not get along for years after a botched introduction.

If you’re struggling with animals that don’t seem to get along, contact your vet to see if they have any advice for how to smooth things over. They may recommend some products or techniques to help, or you may want to try medication to help with their first few interactions.

To be clear, you shouldn’t try to just make your Siamese and cat get along. Before introducing them, there needs to be some thought about what the long terms plans are. Is, it really necessary to have both pets coexist? What kind of life do you want them to have, and would they be better off not being companions?

Those are the tough questions you should ask, especially if the introduction of your Siamese cat and dog is done after they are into their adult years.

Thankfully, for the most part, Siamese cats are relatively laidback, and won’t present much of a problem when it comes to other pets.