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Do Siamese Cats Meow Differently – 10 Things To Know!

One thing most Siamese cat owners notice right away, especially if they have had other breeds of cats before, Siamese cats seem a lot more vocal. Are those frequent meows, chitters, purrs, and other noises different from other cat breeds, though? So, do Siamese cats meow differently?

Yes, Siamese cats meow differently than other cats. Siamese cats have a unique voice. Their meows range from sweetly melodic to gravely and harsh, and most Siamese cats have just about every sound in between. 

If you want to own a Siamese cat, it’s essential to know why Siamese cats sound so different and how you should respond to their many vocalizations. 

Reasons Siamese Cats Meow Differently

Siamese cats meow differently for different situations, but they always sound unique. Here are some of the reasons why:

Siamese Cats Are Trying To Sound Like A Baby

Some experts think that all cats meow to sound a bit more like a baby, but Siamese cats take this trick to an extreme. They know that certain sounds get an immediate reaction from people, and Siamese cats are a breed that has perfected those sounds. 

They’ve Been Domesticated Longer Than Other Cats

One of the reasons Siamese cats sound different than other cats is that they’ve been domesticated longer than most breeds. Siamese cats are a Thai breed that’s been documented since at least the 14th century and are likely much older than that. That amount of time living around humans has changed their behavior and influenced their evolution, leading to an exceptionally versatile set of vocal cords and a lot more vocal range. 

Siamese Cats Pay Attention To What Gets Our Attention

One of the many tricks Siamese cats have developed in their long history with humanity is a deep knowledge of what people react to. Siamese cats have tapped into the sounds that cause strong emotions in humans, and they aren’t above using that knowledge to their advantage. 

Siamese Cats Like Being The Center Of Attention

Siamese cats tend to come in two varieties, very loving and very independent. If your cat tends to be more on the loving side, they’ll probably meow and make other noises at you in an attempt to get your attention. 

They’ve Learned Talking Gets Their Needs Met

Cats pretty much all want their owner to pay attention to their needs, and they can be demanding. Siamese cats are no exception, and meowing and using their other vocalizations is one of the most effective ways a Siamese cat can ask for what they need. Since they have a unique vocal range, Siamese cats also tend to make more specific noises to their needs. 

Siamese Cats Have Very Different Meows For Different Situations

Siamese cats also know that clear communication is essential when talking to their owners, so they tend to have a lot of different noises for different situations. Most cat owners will tell you that they know when their cat asks for food, petting, or other everyday interactions, but Siamese cat owners may know more specific sounds from their cats because it’s easier to hear the differences. 

They Meow Because They Can’t See Very Well

One theory behind Siamese cats’ unique vocalizations is that their demanding nature is an adaptation to help compensate for their poor eyesight. Siamese cats used to be cross-eyed, though good breeding has primarily eliminated the trait. However, they do still have a unique eye color that doesn’t improve their vision. Siamese cats may have developed a unique meow to help them communicate their needs to their owners since they can’t see other breeds. 

Siamese Cats Are Happier With More Attention

Since Siamese cats have a long history with humans, they are more likely to have a high social need once they’ve bonded with their owners. Purring, chirping, and making other interesting sounds are good ways to get positive attention, even if they aren’t asking for anything specific. Attention is usually good as far as Siamese cats are concerned, so getting petted motivates them to keep meowing. 

They Might Be Mimicking A Bird

Siamese cats also have a relatively unique ability thanks to their special meows; they can mimic birds. Mimicking birds may be a trick they use to hunt or calm an agitated bird to keep it in the area longer. But, if your Siamese cat starts chittering out a window, they can probably see a bird. 

Your Cat Is Frustrated And Wants You To Know

Siamese cats are also a little more likely than other cats to meow and vocalize when frustrated. That means that a cat that’s meowing for no reason might be telling you that they’re upset or even that they’re upset but don’t know why. 

What Does A Siamese Meow Sound Like

Siamese cats meows are a little less predictable than other cats. Compared with other cats, Siamese cat meows can sound almost melodic. 

They can sustain their meows longer than most breeds and have a complex vocal range that includes meowing, chittering, chirping, and growling. 

Their chitter tends to be a bit higher-pitched than other chittering breeds like Maine Coon, and Siamese cats may repeatedly meow like they’re having a conversation with each other or their owners. 

An upset Siamese cat also has a particular meow that sounds very much like a crying baby. 

They may repeat that meow several times together to sound like a sob or a cry. This sound is all about getting attention, and it’s best to figure out why they’re meowing as soon as possible. 

The truth is that your Siamese cat will probably sound different depending on what they need and what they’re doing. Thanks to their versatile vocal cords, your Siamese cat may have a unique voice more than a unique sound, and they’ll sound a little different every time they talk. 

Are All Siamese Cats Noisy

Not all Siamese cats are noisy, but the majority of them are relatively vocal. That’s down to the differences in cat personality and how responsive you are when your cat meows. If you tend to respond quickly to a meow, your Siamese cat is likely to get more vocal; if you ignore them, they may get a little quieter. 

Like all cat traits, though, individual cats vary quite a bit. Some Siamese cats are very quiet, while others will be even more vocal than average for the breed. 

What Do Different Types Of Meows Mean

Different kinds of meows are often unique to your cat rather than being a breed standard. Your cat will communicate with you. However, it works best for them, so if a particular meow gets you to start scratching them, they’ll probably use that meow to ask for scritches. 

The best advice we can give you is to pay close attention to your cat’s meows and when they meow. You’ll probably start to figure out what they want pretty quickly since Siamese cats are good at making noises that trigger specific reactions in humans. 

In general, though high-pitched meows and chitters are happy, contented noises, and deeper growling noises are signs of anger or distress. 

Things To Consider

Siamese cats are like any other cat, some of their behavior is down to their personality, and some of their behavior is down to instincts and breed traits. That’s important for how your cat meows at you because their meowing will be about what you respond to, and for some, it will be their natural inclinations. 

It’s a little like some people are naturally more talkative, while others prefer to be quieter than average. 

No matter how quiet or loud your Siamese cat is, it’s essential to pay attention to their vocalizations. Siamese cats are probably trying to communicate when they make noises, so knowing what they want is probably essential. 

Sudden changes in the way your cat vocalizes can also signify that they are happier or stressed. Hence, it’s essential to pay attention to their body language and other communication and vocalizing.