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Can Cats Eat Pork – Is It Safe Meat?

We all know cats are carnivores and huge fans of meat, but out of all the varieties of meat out there, are there certain healthier types than others for cats to eat? 

Cats can eat pork in small amounts. Pork can have a negative effect on a cat’s overall health and digestive system. Cats should only eat fully cooked pork and not raw pork.

While an occasional pork tree is ok, it is better to stick to chicken and fish to keep your cat as healthy as possible. We’ll discuss some of the benefits and concerns with pork and what works best for most cats.

Why Can’t Cats Eat Pork

While cats can eat small amounts of pork, certain ingredients in pork make it less advisable to feed your cat. Some of the ingredients found in pork are listed below: 

Ingredients in Pork Products:Nutritional information for cats:
TaurineAn essential amino acid that is healthy for cats.
SodiumHigh amounts of salt or sodium are not healthy for cats to consume on a regular basis, as salt can be dehydrating for cats.
ThiamineThis is also called Vitamin B1, and it is an essential vitamin for cats in order for their brains to function properly.
ZincWhile zinc is an important mineral, when cats consume it in too large of quantities it can be toxic.
FatMake sure to trim excess fat off of pork before feeding to your cat, as too much can cause pancreatitis.

Is Pork Safe For Cats

Generally, pork is safe for cats as long as it is consumed in small amounts.

There is nothing in pork that makes the meat unsafe for cats. However, pork is not a dietary staple for cats, and there are better meat options out there for them to eat.

Pork is a very rich meat and naturally contains a lot of fat. Most domestic house cats are not active enough throughout the day to need calorie-dense meat like pork in their diet. Due to this, if they consume too much of it, they may begin to put on unnecessary weight. 

Is Pork Poisonous To Cats

Pork is not poisonous for cats at all. It is entirely acceptable to treat your cat to a small piece of pork on an infrequent basis.

Before feeding your cat pork, make sure to cut off any fatty bits from the meat, and make sure there are no bones left in the piece of meat. Bones can be a choking hazard for your cat. Also, always make sure any meat you feed your cat is cooked thoroughly.

Is Pork Fat Bad For Cats

Yes, pork fat is bad for cats to eat. Pork fat is difficult for cats to digest, as the fat particles do not break down easily. It can pose a health risk as it can lead to clogged blood vessels. 

 Fat trimmings, in general, are dangerous for cats to eat, as they can cause intestinal upset for your cat. This could result in vomiting or diarrhea for your cat.

Can Cats Eat Fully Cooked Pork 

Yes, if you are going to feed your cat pork, it’s best to make sure the meat is fully cooked. While cats can have some raw meat, they can also get sick from undercooked meat and contract a parasite. Feeding them fully cooked pork ensures you won’t have a sick cat on your hands in a few hours.

Can Cats Eat Raw Pork

As an obligate carnivore, it is ok for your cat to eat raw meat sometimes. There is no need to ever intentionally feed your cat raw meat as they should be getting all the protein they need from their cat food, but a little nibble of raw meat is ok every once in a while. If you catch your cat eating raw meat off the counter, you do not need to panic.

Can Cats Eat Pork Liver

While your cat might find pork liver delicious, they shouldn’t eat it. In small quantities, it should be ok, but eating too much liver can result in vitamin A toxicity, which can then affect your cat’s bones.

If they develop this condition, it can lead to dangerous bone deformities or unusual bone growths.

What Happens If A Cat Eats Raw Pork

Your cat should be completely fine after eating raw pork. There is no need to scold your cat if they get a hold of a small piece of raw meat, as long as it came from a store and not from outside.

Cats are prone to eating things humans would find gross, and they have a higher tolerance for it. If anything, your cat may get a mild stomachache, or worst-case scenario could catch worms from the uncooked meat. 

What Meat Can Cats Eat

Cats can happily enjoy eating cooked chicken, beef, turkey meat, and deli meat. Most lean proteins are suitable for cats and are sure to be a big hit. Cats should usually avoid meat that has gone bad or grown moldy. They should also mostly avoid raw meat as it can have unsafe bacteria in it. 

Other Considerations 

Many other food choices might seem safe for cats that are not after learning more about them. For example, cats love fish, but they should never eat raw fish as it could cause them to catch salmonella.

It is also a myth that cats love milk, as they are actually lactose intolerant naturally and should always avoid drinking cow’s milk. Drinking dairy will result in a very upset stomach along with gas and bloating for your cat. 

It also is not advised to interchange your cat’s food with dog food. While you may think they seem similar, the ingredients are not the same, and cats need essential nutrients that are not always found in dog food as well. 

Overall, if you feel unsure if your cat should eat something or not, it is always better to do a little research before handing it over to them. That way, you have peace of mind it is safe, and your cat avoids a potential stomachache! 

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