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Can Cats Eat Syrup – What You Should Know

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It’s a Saturday morning, and you finally have some time to make your favorite breakfast: pancakes with maple syrup. Your cat watches you the whole time, and as you’re finishing your breakfast, you wonder if your cat can eat maple syrup too. Can cats eat syrup?

Cats can eat syrup. Syrup is not toxic to cats, however, it contains high amounts of sugar. Added sugar to your cat’s diet can lead to weight gain, which may increase your cat’s chances of developing health issues.

Even though maple syrup is not the healthiest treat for your cat, your cat can technically eat maple syrup. Share your syrup (and pancakes!) with your cat in moderation to avoid any unnecessary weight gain from the sugar that syrup contains. Now that you’re preparing breakfast for your furry friend, too, let’s talk a little more about if and how cats can eat syrup. 

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Is Maple Syrup Bad For Cats

Maple syrup isn’t toxic to cats, but it is packed with sugar, which is not good for your cat.

The good news with maple syrup is that there are no ingredients in it that will kill your cat. Unlike some foods, it is not toxic. You don’t have to worry and rush to the vet if your cat gets a taste of the maple syrup in your pantry. 

Just because it isn’t toxic doesn’t mean it is good for cats, however. Maple syrup is made of sugar, which can lead your cat to gain weight. A small lick or taste will not cause your cat to gain weight, but consistent eating may lead to weight gain. 

If your cat gains too much weight, other health issues may arise. You’ve probably heard of the problems that come with having a fat cat, but one of the biggest (and worst) issues that come from a cat that weighs too much is heart trouble. 

Do Cats Like Maple Syrup

Cats like maple syrup because it is a treat that they do not always get. Cats don’t have a sweet tooth, though.

Unfortunately, neither you nor I can ask our cats if they like maple syrup. But, I mean, does it matter? Who doesn’t love a nice helping of maple syrup anyway?

Even though you might not think your cat would like maple syrup, there’s a good chance that your cat will eat it because maple syrup is like a treat. If you don’t always give maple syrup to your cat, then it is something that they may never get. It’s a new food for them! 

Your cat won’t start craving maple syrup as you might, though. Cats are carnivores, and that means that they do not develop a sweet tooth as you might have. Don’t worry about getting your cat addicted to the sweet stuff! If your cat starts “begging” for maple syrup, it’s probably because they remember you giving it to them once. 

Why Does My Cat Like Maple Syrup

Your cat might like maple syrup because it is a different treat or because she sees you eating it and must think it’s good.

Unlike humans, cats can’t pick their foods, but they may think the syrup is a fantastic treat because it is something different from what they’re used to. I’m not sure if cats can taste the sweet goodness of syrup as humans can, but it’s definitely much different than the run of the mill cat treats. 

Conversely, your cat might be interested in eating syrup because she sees that you’re eating it with your breakfast. If your cat is anything like mine, then your cat wants to eat whatever you’re eating. Whoever said that was something only dogs did? 

Unfortunately, you can’t ask your cat why she likes maple syrup, so we have to keep guessing. 

Can Cats Eat Waffles With Syrup

If your go-to breakfast is waffles with some syrup on top, there’s some good news: you can share a small bite with your cat.

Even though your cat shouldn’t overeat syrup (or waffles for that matter), there is nothing in this popular breakfast dish that can harm your cat. However, it’s still good to feed waffles with syrup to your cat in moderation.

Don’t go offering your cat an entire waffle because carbs aren’t good for cats either. Instead, you can break off a small piece of your waffle that is soaked with syrup. 

There’s nothing wrong with giving your cat a small taste of your favorite breakfast. 

Can Cats Eat Pancakes With Syrup

Like waffles with syrup, cats can also eat pancakes with syrup. Just remember only to give your cat a small piece.

Pancakes are like waffles because they are made of carbs, which isn’t the best food for your cat. Carbs aren’t toxic to your cat either. Even so, only a small bite of a pancake with syrup is enough for your cat. Don’t feel like you need to give your cat any more than that. 

If you are giving your cat pancakes with syrup, your best option is also to give your cat a plain pancake or at least a piece without any other additives. We don’t want to introduce our cats to chocolate chips next!

Can Syrup Kill Cats

Syrup is not toxic to cats, so syrup itself will not kill cats. If you begin to give your cat a lot of syrup, that may lead to weight gain, leading to other potentially deadly issues.

You don’t need to worry about syrup killing your cat. If you didn’t intend to give your cat some syrup and your cat licked it off the counter, you’re in luck. Your cat won’t experience any terrible side effects like death.

Syrup can, however, inadvertently kill a cat though. The sugar in maple syrup is not suitable for cats, which can lead to weight gain. It is the potential issue of weight gain that can lead to more severe health issues. Cats that are too heavy can have heart trouble or even problems with their kidneys. 

Alternatives To Syrup For Cats

If you still don’t feel comfortable feeding your cat syrup, you have some alternatives. Check these out:

  • If your cat begs for syrup while you’re eating breakfast, feed your cat canned cat food or cat treats to redirect its attention.
  • Honey is a safe alternative for cats. Be aware that too much honey can cause digestive issues in your cat. 
  • While this is much different than a normal alternative to syrup, the safest “human food” treat to give your cat is unseasoned meat. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of safe alternatives for maple syrup for cats. Anything that is similar in consistency and taste to maple syrup is probably also very sugary. If you don’t feel comfortable giving your cat a lot of sugar, it is your best bet to stick with actual cat treats.

Maple syrup is a guilty pleasure for many people, but that doesn’t mean that it can also be your cat’s guilty pleasure. Maple syrup is safe enough to give your cat a small taste, but giving your cat large amounts of maple syrup could lead to weight gain. Remember: maple syrup isn’t made for cats. You can share your breakfast with your cats, but give them a small taste even if it is difficult.