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Can Cats Kill Each Other – Everything You Should Know!

Can Cats Kill Each Other – Everything You Should Know!

Seeing your cats fighting each other is quite normal for any cat owner, but sometimes the aggression can escalate. However, it will change according to whether they are feral or domestic when it comes to cats. They know how to defend themselves and what might come out when joining a fight. Nonetheless, a big question remains regarding this topic, which might scare some owners: Can cats kill each other?

Yes, cats can kill each other. Domestic cat fights and aggression rarely lead to severe injuries or death. Feral cats are more aggressive and are more likely to cause fatal harm to other cats.

So, in this article, we will be getting deeper into this topic; all there’s to know about aggression among cats, what to do in these cases, and how to protect your furry friends from these situations. Along with this, we will be answering some questions that might concern some owners and help them understand this subject better. With no further due, let’s get into it.  

Is It Rare For Cats To Kill Each Other

Yes, it is rare for cats to kill each other. Cats who are related are less likely to take battles this far. When cats see each other, there’s always some tension, the hissing, growling, all the signs that they are close to attack each other or to chase away. 

These are intelligent creatures and they are prepared to fight and have the wits to it. Cats often use their teeth and sharp claws, which can do some damage to the other cats. It is never the first instinct for a cat to cause fatal harm to another.

This behavior is more common with street cats; they are loners, are not used to affection, and have to fight to survive. Cats can be very territorial and defend their space.

As for house cats, they can fight each other. However, they are used to it, and they have the owner to stop it; they won’t go as far as to hurt each other.

The most common thing to happen when street cats fight is that the one losing at some point will try to run away, and that will be the end of the fight, they might get hurt, but not until death unless some incident or a more severe injury ends up killing the cat.  

Reasons Cats May Kill Another Cat

Like we mentioned before, it’s very uncommon for cats to kill each other for no reason. There are a few reasons that might lead to significant injuries and even lead to death.

Cats are unpredictable and intelligent, these acts are part of their nature, but it will simply depend on the cat. So, here’s five reasons that might lead cats to kill another cat.

Aggression While Playing

Cats like to play with each other, they will stalk and lay down waiting to jump on the other cats, but this playtime involves scratching and biting most of the time. Even though the idea isn’t harmful, sometimes things get out of control, and they become rougher. 

Playing aggressively can indeed lead to injuries; their sharp teeth and nails are a real weapon, and sometimes it’s just out of their control.

Cats that were rescued or lived in the streets before having a different defense mechanism, when they play with other cats, might not control their habits and become more aggressive. 

What to do in these situations? The best way to avoid cats playing rough with each other is not to put pressure on them; it will make it worse, so it’s better to give them something different to play with.

Buying toys, toys that are safe for cats, though, but they will eventually put their energy on those, play with them to get them used to it. Even if they start playing with other cats, it won’t be as rough as before. 

Furthermore, simply being attentive and intervening whenever they are getting aggressive can do the trick for a cat owner. Cats won’t fight until death, it’s incredibly rare, but it’s still better to be safe than sorry. 

Territorial Behavior

One of the main reasons cats fight with each other is territory. Cats can get very aggressive if another cat tries to mark their territory.

This happens more with feral cats since they live on the streets and are more aggressive and filled with surviving instincts; they will easily attack someone trying to overcome their territory. 

Domestic cats can be more aggressive if some other cat they are unfamiliar with tries to overtake the space; however, the farther away they are from the territory, the less aggressive they are.

Cats mark their territory like dogs; by rubbing and urinating on the spot, they will stalk and chase whoever walks around that spot, either human or animal. 

Still, they won’t go as far as killing each other, mainly because the overtaken will escape when seeing that the injuries are getting worse. However, sometimes these injuries can escalate and end up being permanent and lead to death. 

Predatory Behavior

It’s part of their nature to be predatory; predatory behaviors highly drive cats. This is usually toward getting food; their predatory instincts are used for hunting insects or small animals. However, these wild behaviors can also lead to aggressive behaviors. 

The way they easily kill smaller animals can lead to serious injury to other cats, especially if they are both hunting the same animal; however, as we mentioned before, they won’t go as far as killing each other. 

Furthermore, the injuries can be severe and can’t; especially street cats can have diseases that might pass to the other cat; if this happens to your cats, take it immediately to the vet. 

Home Invasion 

Cats might attack each other when a domestic cat sees another cat trying to enter his house.

This can happen when there’s a doggy door; stray cats might feel tempted to enter in the hope of finding food. However, the house cat won’t find it very pleasant and might attack. 

Being stray cats, they are more aggressive and more powerful, which means they can easily overtake the domestic cat, leaving them with serious injuries. If not attended quickly, these can become permanent and lead to worse things. 

Out Of Fear 

When a cat feels threatened, it might simply attack out of fear and to protect itself. The more scared they are, the more aggressive they become; their reaction will be defensive.

They start to hiss and scratch, and if the other cat feels the same way, they will mostly jump on each other. 

If both are scared, then violence might be the last resort, but it can be aggressive and cause severe damage if they end up fighting. If this ends up happening once more, take it immediately to the vet, they might need treatment to avoid worse problems. 

Will a Feral Cat Kill a Domestic Cat

Feral cats can kill a domestic cat, however, it is not likely. Feral cats are street cats, they are wild, and they are used to doing anything they can to survive.

Feral cats follow their instincts and are more aggressive than a house cat. They might attack a domestic cat and injure them enough to lead it to die. 

Cats are very independent and intelligent creatures. However, feral cats have different types of intelligence; they are street smart, learn how to hunt, what to avoid, and can be dangerous if anyone tries to approach them. 

They always try to avoid humans; they don’t allow anyone to pet them or get close. Otherwise, they will attack or flee.

If a domestic cat messed with them or their food, they would likely attack and possibly kill, depending on the fight and intentions, since a feral cat wouldn’t take his time to chase a domestic cat for no reason. 

Do Cats Kill Other Cats Kittens

Generally, cats do not kill other cats kittens. Usually, this happens more around tomcats; they might attack and indeed kill other cats, either adults or kittens.

There are many reasons for cats to kill kittens, either their own or from other cats., but its is not a frequent event.

It’s rare for cats to kill the kittens of other cats; this behavior is usually linked to their kittens. One example is male cats that get jealous of the female giving all the care and attention to the kitten; this can lead to the male cat killing the kitten out of pure jealousy.  

Sometimes, the simple act of playing around with the kitten might lead to being injured, and if the injuries are deep, they can lead to death.

Plus, female cats can also kill kittens, it’s not as common, but it can happen. Sometimes it is just an accident from playing rougher; some have the kittens but don’t care for them, so they end up killing them.

This also happens when the kitten is sick; whenever a female cat kills their kitten, it is usually due to sickness.

Can Cats Kill Each Other When Fighting

It can happen. However, it’s a very uncommon thing to happen. Cats fight all the time; they tease each other, hissing and throwing paws; however, fighting to the death is rare.

Fighting can lead to severe injuries; for example, their claws are quite sharp and, when used, can hurt.

Not to mention that, besides the sharp claws, their teeth are also a concern, they are also sharp, and these injuries can lead to more significant and long-lasting problems on their health.

If you are a cat owner, it’s necessary to be aware of these situations, avoid letting your cat outside of the house, and if you do and see that he’s injured, rush to the vet. 

However, many times, it’s just teasing; they hiss to each other but won’t get physical or even close to each other.

They are aware that fighting can be dangerous, and they are smart enough to know the consequences, which means that when they do, in fact, fight, they are aware of what might lead to and are ready to harm the other. 

Should I Intervene When My Cats Fight

You should intervene when cats fight. If the fights between your cats become frequent and overly aggressive, serious harm can happen. Stepping in to prevent the attacks is important to protecting your cats overall health.

Domestic cats are less common to fight with each other, but it’s possible they will feel jealous of each other at first. Eventually, they will end up getting used to them, and some will even bond.

However, while that doesn’t happen, they might get upset with each other. It’s essential to teach them no to or otherwise; this will become a recurring issue. 

One thing that can be done is to keep them apart in different rooms, especially if one of the cats suffers from a behavior disorder, leading to more aggressive behavior.

In these cases, it’s essential to recognize what triggers this behavior, and allowing the cats to get closer to each other from time to time is one solution. 

How Do You Punish A Cat For Attacking Another Cat

First of all, it’s essential to learn and understand exactly where the aggression comes from, what’s triggering it, and the reasons behind it. Before thinking about punishing your cat, visit a vet and talk about the behavioral problems your cat might have. 

Sometimes, all they need is some medication to help control that aggression towards other cats. There are many reasons behind this behavior; it can be fear, lack of socialization, hormones, and a few others. 

However, never do physical punishment; cats are mysterious creatures and don’t trust easily; doing that will damage the relationship between you and your cat.

Not to mention that bites and scratches are the worst and can lead to bigger injuries and medical attention. 

The best way is to use verbal correction; by using a firm voice and saying no, you will stand your ground and show what they should do, which will help change their behavior. 

Other Factors

Cats are unpredictable creatures, and they can be hard to understand, but when they start to get aggressive, it’s essential to know what to do to make sure you don’t get injured, and neither do they. 

Another factor to have in mind is that spraying water and throwing something soft is a perfect way to break a fight between cats; they won’t like it, but at least it won’t hurt them. A good idea to avoid cats killing each other. 

In summon, it’s very, very rare for cats to kill each other, but fighting is quite common; even though they won’t go as far as killing, they might injure each other badly.