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Do Cats Forgive Abuse – Concerns & Considerations

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Felines, unlike dogs, are far more complex creatures when it comes to emotions. While it is true that every animal has distinct personality traits, every cat is a mystery that you will have to put great energy and time into understanding your pet. And, if you’ve by any chance offended your kitty, then you’ll either fall into the lucky lot where your cat will readily forgive you. Or, you may have to face the wrath of your kitty for days. So, do cats forgive abuse?

Generally, cats do not forgive abuse. However, it depends on the severity. If you’ve unintentionally caused your cat harm, then you may find forgiveness after you’ve made repeated attempts to make amends. But, if your cat faces abuse and trauma regularly, then it’s best to give your pet over for adoption to another caring and loving family.

So, let’s look into what actions and behaviors can act as abuse for your pet. And if your cat can forgive you if you’re genuinely feeling sorry and want to atone for your sins.

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Can A Cat Forget Abuse

If a cat has been abused over a long time, that poor little kitty will be psychologically affected. Traumatic experiences stay etched in a cat’s long-term memory. If the events occur repeatedly, then it is likely that the cat will never forget the abuse or the abuser. So, you can forget about your cat forgiving abuse if you are persistent with causing your pet stress.

You see, cats don’t naturally assume that all humans are friendly. A pet parent has to create a bond of trust and love with its pet. And, if your pet has suffered abuse from you, then it will always look at you with a degree of suspicion, no matter how hard you try to reconcile with it.

And, cats don’t just avoid the company of the abuser; they steer clear of all things that are even remotely related to their abuser. So, any clothing, smell, or even the sound of the abuser will trigger adverse reactions from cats. And, their first move to prevent a repetition of the experience is to escape the room and take refuge in a safe spot.

Can A Cat Forgive And Forget

Yes, your kitty will happily forgive you if you’ve accidentally stepped on its tail but quickly offered love and treats to beg for its forgiveness. But, that will only happen if your cat trusts you. You see, some cats are playful, friendly, and loving. And, it’s easy for pet parents of such felines to make up for any wrong that they might have erroneously caused their pet. 

However, some cats are rather reserved and contrary. Simply because these creatures are aloof doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot create a bond of trust and love with these kitties. But, you must understand that such cats often have a very short fuse and are easily offended.

And, the one thing that you must never forget is that all cats have amazingly long memories. So, a sudden accident might be overlooked by your fluffball, but repeated acts of mistreatment and abuse will never be forgiven.

Many pet parents believe that a cat soiling the bed is an act of vengeance, but you have to realize this is not true. Your cat may hold a grudge, but it does not plot or plan revenge the way humans do. According to Applied Science Animal Behavior, cats have superb survival instincts. So, if they’ve encountered a bad experience with a particular individual or in a specific place, they avoid the person or place.

Can My Cat Be Mad At Me

Yes, you can bet your pretty penny that your cat will be mad at you if you happen to do anything against its wishes. Cats, unlike dogs, do not look upon their humans as masters. They are their humans equal. So, if you pick up your cat against its consent, pet it exceedingly, deter it from its usual pass times, then your cat will let you know in no uncertain way that it is not pleased by your behavior.

The typical signs of an annoyed cat include:

  • Avoiding you, hiding, or leaving the room that you enter
  • Ears held low or flat against the head
  • A rapidly swishing tail, primarily if it’s held low
  • Puffing up the tail and arching its back
  • Growling or hissing
  • Staring with dilated pupils
  • Swiping with paws

These are some of the standard signals that ought to let you know that your pet is unhappy with your discourteous manners. Now, if you do happen to see these evident signs in your cat, it’s time to give your pet some much-deserved respect and space. 

You shouldn’t immediately try to cuddle your fluffball, as that might work against you. Allowing your cat to be on its own, snoozing in its favorite haunts, will go a long way to calm your fur baby’s mind and mood. And, then you can work towards making up with your feline friend by offering it some of its favorite treats and toys.

How Do You Apologize To My Cat After You Have Offended It

An oversight in estimating your pet’s mood and doing something that might annoy it might make your fur baby mad at you. But, if your pet indeed has a strong connection of love and trust with you, it will come to you. However, there are times when pet parents can overstep their authority and hit their pet.

You have to understand that hitting your cat is abuse – physical and emotional. And, abuse is never the answer to any problem. If you’ve abused your pet and feel ashamed of your actions, then, by all means, take the time to rectify the situation.

Give your pet the time and space to calm down and come to you. If and when your pet does come to you, use a gentle and calm voice to soothe your kitty. Cats are brilliant animals, and they do respond to their human voice. As mentioned earlier, playing with your pet, offering treats and toys will help you gain your pet’s trust again.

But, if you can’t control your temper and seem to take out your frustration on your pets, then it’s best for you and your pet to give your pet up for adoption. Anger management classes and counseling will prove helpful to calm your anxieties and stress. And, knowing that your pet is in a loving and happy home will also serve to allay your guilt.

Things To Consider

Adopting a pet can fill your life with fun and tons of laughter. But, you have to understand that animals also need your time, love, and affection. And, if you don’t have the time or the temperament to care for an animal, it’s best to pet and love your neighbor’s cat or dog for a while rather than bring home a pet that you cannot give the attention it deserves.