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16 Most Affordable Cat Breeds (Prices & Pictures)

16 Most Affordable Cat Breeds (Prices & Pictures)

Owning a cat is a joy for many people. However, cats can be costly and it may seem like affording one is out of the question. With some research, however, it’s quite easy to find affordable cat breeds that are sure to bring joy to your home. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of the most affordable cat breeds below.

1. American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is one of the most affordable cat breeds globally. They are easy to find and are the most common housecat you can find. The average price of an American Shorthair is around $600 – 1200.

This price is heavily swayed depending on the age of the cat and whether it has a unique coat color or pattern. Adopting an American Shorthair costs around $75 – $100, and they are easy to find.

BreedAmerican Shorthair
Average Cost$600 – $1200
Average Kitten Cost$1000 – $1525
Adoption Cost$75 – $100
Average LifespanUp To 15 years

2. Ragdoll

Ragdoll cats cost around $400 to buy if they are kittens. That price varies though, sometimes upwards of $2500, but it depends on several factors. Factors that impact the cost of a Ragdoll cat include:

  • Age of the cat
  • Coat color
  • Pedigree
  • Breeder or Retired Cat

Because prices vary widely with Ragdoll cats, one of the best ways to get one is to adopt. Adoption costs are standard, ranging between $75 – $150 for this breed. If it’s a particularly special Ragdoll and the owner is aware of the value, those fees may increase 10 – 25%.

In terms of longevity, Ragdoll cats are a great investment. They can live to be 22 – 24 years old if well taken care of. That’s around 8 – 9 years longer than most cat breeds at the same price point.

Average Cost$400 – $800
Average Kitten Cost$750- $2500
Adoption Cost$75 – $100
Average LifespanUp To 24 years

3. Oriental Shorthair

For around $400 – $500, you can get your hands on a purebred Oriental Shorthair. That’s an incredibly low price for a cat that has a beautiful variety of coat colors.

Oriental shorthairs can come in gray, bi-colors, and striped tabby patterns. They’ve got large ears and a long torso making them distinctly different than most other cats.

The price of the cat does increase depending on the coat pattern and color, so do keep this in mind. In fact, they have over 300 different color combinations.

Most Oriental Shorthairs weigh 8 – 12 lbs, with the female counterparts weighing under 8 lbs. They live to be 12 – 15 years old, so they are worth the long-term investment.

BreedOriental Shorthair
Average Cost$400 – $500
Average Kitten Cost$600 – $1000
Adoption Cost$75 – $100
Average LifespanUp To 15 years

4. Manx

Manx cats cost $400 – $625. They are one of the most inexpensive cat breeds and are widely available to pet lovers. If you purchase a Manx cat without a tail, that will increase the costs to an average of $500 – $800. Those are considered higher quality.

Manx cat kittens cost less at around $300 on average, however some have been sold at just $100. Manx cats are much cheaper to adopt with most male kittens costing $100 on average.

This breed is not the best investment when you consider it has a lifespan of 9 – 13 years. Most cats live between 10 – 15 years on average, so you’ll need to really take care of it to ensure it can live 9 years or longer.

Average Cost$400 – $800
Average Kitten Cost$100 – $300
Adoption Cost$100 – $110
Average LifespanUp To 15 years

5. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cats cost $800 – $1325 to purchase. Cornish Rex kittens are even cheaper, costing around $300 – $600 to purchase. They are inexpensive to adopt at the usual $75 – $100 fee. They also don’t cost much to take care of annually.

Owners can expect to spend around $650 – $700 to manage their Cornish Rex. That fee includes food, vaccinations, and day-to-day care.

This breed lives to be 11 – 15 years old which is about standard.

BreedCornish Rex
Average Cost$800 – $1325
Average Kitten Cost$300 – $600
Adoption Cost$75 – $100
Average LifespanUp To 15 years

6. Himalayan

Himalayan cats are quite popular due to their appearance and personality. They are a notably friendly cat, and very sociable. For this reason, they are always in high demand, so finding a cheap one can be tricky, but trust me, they’re out there!

With some searching, you’ll quickly find that Himalayan cats are also one of the most inexpensive cat breeds you can find. A Himalayan cat costs around $500 – $1250 to buy if it’s a kitten.

Depending on the size of your Himalayan, the costs can greatly increase. Larger Himalayan cats can cost up to $2500, while smaller ones can cost as low as $200.

Average Cost$200 – $2599
Average Kitten Cost$500 – $1250
Adoption Cost$75 – $100
Average LifespanUp To 15 years

7. Turkish Van

Turkish Vans are not the most popular cat around, but they are a great starter pet with a low price entry point. The average cost of a Turkish Van is $500 – $800. The adoption fees are standard.

BreedTurkish Van
Average Cost$500 – $800
Average Kitten Cost$250
Adoption Cost$75 – $100
Average LifespanUp To 16 years

8. Havana Brown

Known for their chocolate coat, Havana Brown cats are highly soft after by cat enthusiasts. With such a beautiful coat and rare breed, you’d think these cats would cost a fortune. However, Havana Brown cats are relatively inexpensive compared to other breeds.

A Havana Brown costs around $600 – $1350. Much of the cost is affected due to the age of the cat, coat condition, and overall quality. However, depending on the pedigree, Havana kittens can cost between $200 – $1300.

They’re easy to maintain when it comes to grooming, and are generally social cats. There’s no training advantage with this cat, but they are also highly intelligent.

Sadly, Havana Brown cats don’t live very long; usually in the 8 – 13 year range.

BreedHavana Brown
Average Cost$600 – $1350
Average Kitten Cost$200 – $1300
Adoption Cost$75 – $100
Average LifespanUp To 13 years

9. Snowshoe

Ever heard of a Snowshoe cat? They aren’t too common in households, but they are great if you’re looking for an affordable feline. The average cost of a Snowshoe cat is $500 – $1000.

This price can change depending on how reputable the breeder is, and at what life stage your cat is in. For example, well-known breeders charge as much as $1300 for a Snowshoe cat. Ideally, kittens will cost in the $500 – $800 range.

Snowshoe cats are a really great addition to the home. They also come in a variety of colors and tabby coat patterns. Those colors include blue, lynx, lilac, fawn, and chocolate. There are also seal point color variations you can find. All of those factors can affect the bottom line cost of the Snowshoe.

As far as longevity, you can expect a Snowshoe cat to live to be 14 – 20 years, which makes them an excellent buy for cat lovers.

Average Cost$200 – $1300
Average Kitten Cost$500 – $800
Adoption Cost$75 – $100
Average LifespanUp To 20 years

10. Munchkin

Munchkin cats are easily the most adorable cat breeds out there. From their tiny little legs to their adorable expression, they are popular in many homes as a result. But how much do Munchkin cats cost?

Munchkin cats cost around $900 – $2400. The adoption costs for this cat can top $100. Much of the variation in cost can be attributed to the breeder and the quality of the cat.

Coat color is a huge factor here. Certain colors such as white for example will mean your Munchkin cat costs go up. However, they are considered a relatively expensive cat if you don’t mind the less popular coat colors.

Munchkin cats live to be 12 – 15 years old, so they are a great buy.

Average Cost$900 – $2400
Average Kitten Cost$700 – $1000
Adoption Cost$75 – $100
Average LifespanUp To 15 years

11. Siamese

Siamese cats are iconic. From movies, television, and just the face of cats everywhere. With their unique color points, beautiful blue eyes, and loud meows, there’s no question how popular they are.

Siamese cats cost around $250 – $2500. That’s a wide range but much of it depends on the quality of the cat and where you buy it from. Generally, Siamese kittens will be cheaper. Siamese kittens cost around $600 – $800.

The current demand for Siamese cats in your area is also a factor. Adopting a Siamese cat costs up to $100, and in some cases beyond that. You can expect a Siamese cat to live up to 20 years. Most live 15 – 20 years but some live less; around 12 years.

Average Cost$250 – $2500
Average Kitten Cost$600 – $800
Adoption Cost$75 – $100
Average LifespanUp To 20 years

12. Birman

Birman cats cost between $500 – $600. Prices can go as high as $1000 which is considered on the low end compared to most other cat breeds. The more reputable the breeder, the more expensive a Birman may be. In some instances, a Birman cat can exceed $3000 if it’s of exceptional quality and rarity.

Like most of the other affordable cat breeds on this list, the kittens can cost considerably less, as low as $400 in most cases. If it’s a kitten of a high pedigree, however, expect that cost to exceed $1500.

Birman cats only live to be 16 years old max. Most live to be somewhere in the 11 – 15 year range.

Average Cost$500 – $3000
Average Kitten Cost$400 – $1500
Adoption Cost$75 – $100
Average LifespanUp To 16 years

13. American Bobtail

The American Bobtail costs as low as $600 from most breeders. That price can climb to almost double at $1200 but usually falls somewhere in the middle.

American Bobtail kittens appear to be more expensive with this breed. Averaging between $1875 – $3000 from most sellers.

Interestingly enough about this breed is that it is not very common. Despite that, the costs are not outrageous. You can find these cats in a variety of tabby coat patterns too. Solid, bi-color, and calico are some of the most popular coats you’ll see.

You can expect an American Bobtail to live between 12 – 15 years. That combined with the lower costs makes them a great addition to your family.

BreedAmerican Bobtail
Average Cost$600 – $1200
Average Kitten Cost$1875 – $3000
Adoption Cost$75 – $100
Average LifespanUp To 15 years

14. Tonkinese

Much like the American Bobtail, Tonkinese cats cost between $600 – $1200. In some cases you can still find quality Tonkinese cats for cheaper; as low as $350 – $550.

Tonkinese kittens will cost you around $1000. With some searching, however, kittens to turn up in the $250 – $350 price range.

While Tonkinese cats are generally affordable, they don’t live as long as some other breeds. The life expectancy of a Tonkinese cat is 10 – 15 years which is considered on the low end for this price range.

Average Cost$600 – $1200
Average Kitten Cost$250 – $1000
Adoption Cost$75 – $100
Average LifespanUp To 15 years

15. Abyssinian

Abyssinian cats are a great affordable cat breed. Most Abyssinian cats cost between $500 – $1200. As kittens, you can purchase them for $900 – $1500. A little on the steep end, but not necessarily a deal-breaker.

Coat colors truly matter when it comes to the cost of an Abyssinian cat. For example, rare colors such as cream can cost you in excess of $2500. The more reputable the breeder, the higher the kitten cost will be.

Abyssinians are fairly lightweight cats between 8 – 12 pounds and are very active in the home. If the health is well maintained, you can expect to keep them around 9 – 15 years. For the cost, that’s not very long so it’s something to certainly keep in mind as you are cat shopping.

Average Cost$500 – $1200
Average Kitten Cost$900 – $1500
Adoption Cost$75 – $100
Average LifespanUp To 15 years

16. Burmese

And finally, we have the Burmese cat. Although it’s the last one here, it’s actually one of the most affordable cat breeds on this list. Burmese cats cost between $500 – $1000. Most push into that $600 – $700 range.

Burmese kittens cost a little less, usually between $500 – $800. The average lifespan of a Burmese ranges between 10 – 18 years. That’s a fairly wide range and heavily dependent on how well you take care of your cat. They don’t have any unique health issues that should contribute to them living less.

Average Cost$500 – $1000
Average Kitten Cost$500 – $800
Adoption Cost$75 – $100
Average LifespanUp To 18 years

What Is The Cheapest Cat

The cheapest cat is the Snowshoe and Siamese cat breeds. According to our research, the average cost of these two cat breeds starts between $200 – $250.  

Kitten versions of these breeds are also much cheaper ranging as low as $500 – $600.

Next in line of affordability would be the Birman, Abyssinian, and Burmese cat breeds. The average cost of those cats can start anywhere from $400 – $550.

More unique, but still cheap breeds would be the Cornish Rex and Tonkinese. The average starting price of those is $600 – $700.

All of these cat breeds are fairly easy to get from reputable breeders, and they can also be adopted for less than $100.

How Can I Get A Cat Cheap

You can get a cat cheap by adopting one. Adoption is a creative option for those wanting to get their hands on a cat without enormous expenses.

As you can see from the charts above, adopting a cat costs between $75 – $100. This works for most breeds, even some of the more rare types.

Some benefits of adopting a cat include:

  • Lower costs
  • Easy access to expensive cat breeds
  • Providing a home for a cat in need

In some instances, adoption is not always the best. For example, you may not have the cat’s entire history, and the age of the cat might also be incorrectly estimated.

Many cats up for adoption have come from abusive situations. Building a relationship with them might be tougher than if you were to just purchase a cat from a breeder and raised it from the start.