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10 Reasons Siamese Cats Bite

10 Reasons Siamese Cats Bite

Reasons Siamese Cats BiteIt is no secret that Siamese cats are one of the most active breeds you’ll find within cats. Many compare the lovable breed to dogs, just because of their high intelligence and how playful they can be. However, they can also be known to bite often as well, which can become a serious issue.

What are the reasons Siamese cats bite, and how do you stop them? Well, some of the most common reasons that they bite are because:

  • Short temper
  • Sensitive to touch
  • Irritated for various reasons
  • Overexcited
  • Uncomfortable
  • Afraid
  • Petting

To stop them from biting, there are many methods, including:

  • Appropriate playing
  • Enforce rules
  • Express hurt feelings
  • Ignore them

Today, we’ll be exploring in-depth the reasons that Siamese cats tend to bite, as well as diving into the methods that are usually quite effective at stopping them. We’ll also be exploring controversial techniques that are used as well.

Why Do Siamese Cats Bite

If you are an owner of a cat, you’ve likely been bitten at least a few times, if not many. It is part of the experience. Most of the time, it is a playful bite that comes from excitement, but there are times that cats will bite hard due to a certain feeling.

We must understand why cats get to these points, instead of yelling or even becoming harmful with them. It is all about the approach and how we deal with their behavior.

We’ll be taking a look at many of the reasons that your Siamese cat may be biting. Everything from instincts to behavioral issues, we’ll have you covered to help you get to the root of any of the problems you may be having with your cat biting.

They Are Overexcited

One of the most common reasons that we see cats bite is simply because they have gotten too worked up from playing. When cats play, they get filled with excitement, they’re pupils become huge, and even their meow can change.

This is a vulnerable time for your cat to bite you, as all of its senses are practically increased, and it doesn’t precisely know better. It truly is a different state of mind for a cat at this period.

Also, the Siamese breed itself is typically full of more energy and playfulness than other breeds, so you may find that this is a common theme with your cat.

Again, this is most likely one of the most common reasons as to why your cat is biting you and shouldn’t worry you too much about the pet not being disciplined.

Your Cat is Afraid

Another reason that your cat may be biting is that it is afraid, whether that be the environment it is in, new people, or what have you. Typically, if you’ve had your cat for quite some time, this isn’t probably a good reason as to why your cat is biting.

However, if you are bringing new people around, then this may be a causing factor as to why your cat is being scared. Also, it may be scared of a new pet, a change of scenery, and so on.

If your cat is timid, moving a lot, hissing, etc.…Then there is a good chance it has become afraid of something or someone, so you should do your best to figure out who it is.

Predatory Instinct

It is in any cat’s DNA to feel the ability to bite. Although cats are often domesticated, their instincts disappear.

So, it should be expected that any and every cat will bite at some point, and most likely quite often as well. It is something that every cat owner should expect when they decide to get a feline friend.

This is often when cats will playfully bite, and as long as it isn’t hurting anyone, there is no problem with it, as it will make the cat feel accomplished and happy.

Cats Have Short Tempers

Cats, in general, tend to have a rather short temper. However, with the Siamese breed, you’ll find that it is even shorter with these pets.

This is certainly something that you should be prepared for when you decide to get a Siamese cat, as this can becoming an ongoing issue. Short temperament is just in their blood, but unlike becoming overexcited, this can be a problem on down the road if you offer no discipline towards them.

Their short temper can also be from a lack of attention, which is quite essential to have for these animals as

We’ll be getting into methods on discipline in just a bit, but for now, know that this type of problem should be met with discipline methods if it has gotten out of control.

Sensitive to Touch

Siamese cats are typically known for being sensitive. However, depending on if you get a cat with history prior to you owning it, this may be enhanced even more. It depends on the cat, but some cats have certain areas that they aren’t typically fond of.

On the other side, if you get an older Siamese cat coming from a previous home, there is a chance the reason it is sensitive to touch is the fact that it had physical abuse or harm to it. The two primary causes of this are:

  • Abuse from the previous owner
  • Attacked by another animal

Both of these reasons can cause serious trauma to the cat and allow for it to become quite distant. This also makes it much more challenging to bond with the pet as well. It isn’t much you can do for the sensitivity of a cat, as they cannot help it.

With that, there is no real solution to “fix” a cat’s sensitivity, especially if the reasoning is trauma-based. Instead, make sure that you and others are aware of the certain areas, to avoid bothering and/or hurting the cat and avoiding it biting you or others.

Cats Can Become Irritated

Irritation can come from a variety of sources. Just as we become aggravated at just about anything sometimes, so do our feline friends. Similar to sensitivity, there isn’t a lot you can do here as an owner.

The Siamese breed is known to become irritated quickly, but these mood swings don’t last too long and shouldn’t be anything significant. However. If it is an on-going issue with the cat being aggravated by just your presence, for example, then you should be looking into some help for the problem, or maybe start disciplining as well.

However, irritation can also be a sign that your cat may be ill or not feel good, so if it seems like the anger has gone on too long, it may be time to take it into the vet and see what the root of the problem could be.

As I mentioned earlier, cats can become irritated for a variety of reasons, so before jumping into any conclusion, it is vital to understand the problem first, as it could very well be something trauma or health-related.

Your Cat May Be Uncomfortable

Another big reason that your cat may be biting is that it is uncomfortable. This is seen most with new pets, and/or if your cat has witnessed a change of environment. Just as your cat acted most likely when it entered your house for the first time, the cat becoming uncomfortable over change is not uncommon.

There are many ways that you can fix this problem, which we’ll be touching on later. Fortunately, if this is the root of the problem for your cat biting, it isn’t a significant concern for the most part.

However, not being comfortable may also stem from prior trauma, as well. If this is the case, as I’ve mentioned before, this will require much more effort to fix. Professional help may also be needed depending on the severity of the trauma, but as with anything, it can be overcome with enough time and effort put into it.

Also, there may be a specific person that the cat is not fond of, and this happens much more than you may think. The best way to deal with this is to see if the person will take some time out to build a stronger bond with the cat to make them more comfortable with him or her.


This is probably the least possible reason that your Siamese cat is biting, due to how much they crave attention, but certain cats do not like to be petted. If this is the reason, then your about out of luck at this point, as this is one of the hardest things to fix with a pet, regardless of the breed.

As I said though, this is a rather rare occasion, so I wouldn’t expect this too much from a Siamese cat, as they are one of the most loving and joyful breeds of cat you’ll find.

Your Siamese Cat Feels Ignored

Siamese cats continuously crave attention, so you should keep in mind that these animals will not be acting appropriately if you are gone for most of the day. They’ll need to have someone around for most of the day, and if you plan to be out for close to half the day or more, you’ll suffer the consequences from your feline friend.

There are some solutions to this, such as if you have other friends and/or family in the house to spend time with it, or even have a cat sitter to help keep it company and care for it. If they become lonely, it will not only possibly reflect in it biting you, but also it affects their health as well.

Siamese Cats Are Territorial

Out of a large number of breeds out there for cats, Siamese cats are amongst the most “alpha.” They are very protective animals, and this could very well be another reason that your cat is biting. If it feels that it’s home is being threatened in any way, shape, or form, there is a good chance it will act out in some fashion, typically biting or pawing.

You can help this, but you cannot exactly stop your Siamese cat from acting territorial, as it is just in their blood. However, as I said, there are methods to help nullify the number of times it scratches.

How to Stop Siamese Cats From Biting

After you’ve figured out the root cause of the issue as to why your Siamese cat is biting, it is time to figure out ways to stop them from doing so.

Love Them

If the problem is stemming from trauma-related issues, the absolute best thing you can do in this situation is to provide them an endless amount of love and care. It may take a decent amount of time, but it will undoubtedly be worth it in the long run.

Also, this an essential aspect for any problem-solving when it comes to a cat, as any abuse towards them will only further distance themselves from you, but we’ll be touching on that a bit later.

Ignoring Them

One of the best tactics to do is ignore them once they’ve bitten you. Believe it or not, cats have a pretty decent understanding when it comes to others’ feelings, so ignoring them will let them know that there is indeed an issue.

To make sure that you are ignoring them into full effect, don’t say anything besides maybe an “ow” and show that they have hurt you and exit the room that the cat is in. If it tries to follow you, keep avoiding the kitty as much as you can to ensure that they have gotten the message from you.

Out of the many methods, I’d consider this certainly one of the most effective. However, I’m sure depending on the cat’s personality; other ways may be more effective.

Express Hurt Feelings

Another useful method is to make sure that the cat knows it has hurt you. This can be done in a variety of ways, but usually, if you act sad towards it, it will have a pretty good effect on them.

This is another excellent method as well and is a method I’d put in my personal top three. You can always combine methods as well, as this mixes well with ignoring them afterward.

So, showing that you are hurt, alongside with ignoring that after you’ve expressed how you feel is the optimal way to do it.

Enforce Rules

Enforcing rules can come in a variety of methods as well. There are certain boundaries you can set with your standards.

As I mentioned, there are many rules that you can set for your cat, just depending on precisely what is needed for your cat specifically.

Specific Toys

Another excellent method is getting particular toys for your cat to help prevent it from biting. These specific toys can be found at various pet stores and usually won’t cost you much to get, either.

These toys will work best if you have a kitten and are raising them as a newborn, but they can be implemented into older cats as well, just depending on how good they respond to them, as all cats are different.

Here are some of the best toys for Siamese cats.

This would be one of the first methods I’d try, as it requires the least amount of effort. What is also great about getting these toys is that they’ll keep them busy while you are gone as well, which is a plus. Many cats will act out if you leave them for an extended period, so this is an excellent substitute to help keep it distracted, no matter the reason.

Scratch Posts

These are perhaps the best thing you can get for your cat to help it scratch its claws. This helps the cat focus its scratching on it, rather than focusing on a person and/or furniture, which is never fun. I recommend this wall-mounted scratching post for Siamese cats.

These can be found at many pet stores and even large chains such as Wal-Mart and Target. Along with the toys, I’d put this as one of the first methods I’d try, although they can be a bit expensive, depending on the type and size you decide to purchase.

However, if the smaller toys aren’t working, then this would be a great substitute. Even if your Siamese cat isn’t having a scratching problem, I still feel as though this is an excellent investment for anyone looking to have a cat around their house, regardless of the breed.

Expect Difficulty

The Siamese cat is one of the smartness and most stubborn breeds you’ll come across. Due to this, you should expect quite a bit of a bumpy road when it comes actually to train any discipline with them.

Still, though, they can be trained and disciplined, it will just take more time and energy to do so. Also, expect difficulty in finding specific methods that work for disciplining them as well. Again, this is due to just how naturally stubborn these animals are, which is pretty high.

This is unfortunate if you are having trouble with your Siamese cat, but is something that has to be expected if you plan on fixing the problems that have risen from your cat.

Controversy in Cat Disciplining

There are quite a bit of controversial methods out there today to discipline a cat. However, despite any of the controversy, I can tell you right now that these methods won’t affect a Siamese cat in any way but negative.

This is due to their high intelligence, as not only will these methods prove ineffective, it will also make them more upset and agitated as well.

These methods I’m discussing include:

  • Spray bottle
  • Hitting in any form
  • Yelling

There is even scientific study to back up that these methods for discipline will only further distance the cat from you and create a serious strain on the relationship you have with it. It can also cause other issues as it is becoming scared of you, flinch, and so on, which isn’t good whatsoever.

Are Siamese Cats Good For The Home?

With all of this talk of Siamese cats being aggressive, territorial, and so on, you may be wondering if they are even good for home life. Well, although all of the stuff I’ve mentioned about these cats is true, there are many great positives to owning them as well.

As for being a family pet, these cats are one of the best breeds you can get. They are incredibly playful and full of so much energy that it truly is contagious. If you have kids, a Siamese cat is practically a dog towards them, considering how much they play around.

Also, they are loveable as well and love to be the center of attention. They welcome all sorts of love, whether that be kisses, being petted, held, or what have you. These are some of my favorite animals just for the pure fact of how engaged they can become.

Even if you don’t have kids, I’d still have the Siamese cats as one of my most recommended breeds, simply due to the fact of their energy levels. If you’re looking for a cat that will be sleeping most of the day away and be lazy, then this certainly isn’t the breed for you then.


As I touched on a bit beforehand, these cats are incredibly loveable pets. They’ll sleep with you, be by your side whenever, and love to be babied. In this department, I’d consider them one of the best breeds to get.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you build the relationship between you and your cat properly to get this type of response from it, but luckily with a Siamese cat, it isn’t difficult.

It will require time and energy, but as I also said before, these cats are more like dogs than they are a feline. That is how much energy and loving nature these cats carry with them, which is great for most pet owners.


Also, one of the smaller perks when it comes to owning one of these cats is that it won’t have to be groomed much. They also have short hair, so when it comes to shedding, it isn’t as near as bad as many other breeds that you’ll find as well.

Deciding on Which Pet

If you are reading this as to weigh out your options as to what breed of cat you should be considered to get, don’t let all of this talk mold your thoughts to think that Siamese cats are just angry, violent animals, because that isn’t true.

Yes, they are much more hyper than most other breeds of cats, but this can also translate into many positive aspects as well. As I mentioned before, they are perhaps the best breed for playing, and even as they get older, this typically does not go away, which is nice as well.

They are also very loving animals and always want attention, so if you’re around to give it to them and want a pet that will always be by your side, they are a great option. I’d personally say that they can be even easier than some other breeds as well to build bonds with as well.

However, if you live alone and/or will be gone for most of the day, this may not be the best option for you to go with. This isn’t to say that they are exactly the worst breed, but they do require a lot of time for them to be completely happy, so this is undoubtedly a tremendous factor for you to keep in mind when deciding which cat breed to go with.


Overall, cats will bite, no matter the breed. The breed of Siamese primarily is known for this due to their high levels of energy, playfulness, need for attention, and so on. Although they are certainly more prone to being active biters than other cats, it doesn’t mean that the problem cannot be fixed.

There are many great methods that we mentioned today, including:

  • Scratch posts
  • Acting hurt/sad
  • Ignoring them
  • Specific Toys

All of those methods and the rest are certainly some of the best practices that you’ll come across to fix the problem of biting if it has gotten out of hand. Make sure that you use the proper method depending on your specific issue and can even use multiple methods if need be as well.

It should be kept in mind though, that if your cat has gone through any trauma, that this is a much more difficult area to prevent them from biting. This may even cause you, unfortunately, to find the cat a new home, especially if you have kids that keep getting bit and attacked.