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7 Adorable Ways Siamese Cats Show Affection

7 Adorable Ways Siamese Cats Show Affection

Adorable Ways Siamese Cats Show AffectionSiamese cats are known to be one of the most lovable and affectionate breeds, and they loved to be loved back. Because of their incredible energy and loyalty to their owners, Siamese cats are described as the most dog-like compared to other cat breeds. Siameses love to play, cuddle, and speak to you as ways to show their affection.

Here are 7 adorable ways that Siamese cats show affection and how you can show them love back:

1. Following You Around

Siamese cats love to be with you constantly, even if that means just being a part of your day. They will follow you around like a shadow all day if you let them. Even though they’re extremely playful and energetic, Siamese cats love to hang out and be a part of the action with you.

Although they love to cuddle, they also like their space. They will sit by your feet while you work or do your chores, giving you just enough space but also still being with you. Siamese cats love to be as close as possible to their owners most of the time, but they still like to have some space to themselves.

If you’re interested in getting a pet to curb your loneliness, then Siamese cats are the perfect match for you because they’ll be by your side 24/7. Because Siameses require lots of love and attention, they will follow you around to make sure that they get it. No matter where you are, expect your Siamese to be there too.

2. Talking

Just like dogs and people, Siamese cats love communicating by talking. Aside from being known as one of the most affectionate breeds, Siameses are known to be one of the most vocal, as well. Siameses will talk to you all day long, telling you how much they love you. They always want to talk about their day and listen to you talk about yours.

Siamese cats won’t let you ignore them, either. They will yell at you until you give them the attention that they want. They will tell you that they’re upset, too. No feelings will go unnoticed with these cats. If your cat is starting to be quite chatty, they may be feeling neglected.

As most cats do, Siameses will also purr when they’re happy. When your cat rubs their head on you and purrs, that’s their way of showing you that they’re delighted and want to cuddle with you.

3. Play

Playing with you is one of the most common ways that Siamese cats show affection. The fun and quality time that goes into playing together is priceless to a Siamese. Siamese cats are very extroverted pets, so that means that they love to play.

If you don’t allow your Siamese to play, they can become very irritable and will look for trouble. They will do almost anything for your attention, so when you see them acting up, they might want to play with you.

You might think that all cats like to play. But cats are, in fact, picky pets. If they don’t like you, then they won’t play with you. Siameses, on the other hand, is known to love almost everyone they come in contact with. So, they’re always up for a good playdate.

Siameses have a lot of energy, so they have to play. They are also unpredictable creatures and always getting into trouble, especially when they’re not given enough attention. When your Siamese reaches out to play, that’s their way of showing you that they love you.

4. Cuddling

Obviously from being an extremely lovable breed comes with lots of cuddles. Siamese cats will show you that they love you through lots of physical touch and cuddling. Even though they do also like to follow you around, they want to be curled up on your lap, as well.

Although they’re not lap-cats, who won’t leave your lap like a Ragdoll cat is, they still love to snuggle every once in a while. You’ll find them sleeping next to you at night and probably wake up with them by your side. You should also expect them to be curled up with you on the couch whenever you’re just watching a movie or hanging out.

Interestingly, it is a common trait for all cats to head-butt or to rub against their owner’s legs. Cats secrete pheromones, a chemical that’s produced by glands in their cheeks, that rub off of the owner.

Cats use their pheromones not only to show that they’re friendly but also to mark objects with their scent. When your cat is rubbing their heads all over you, they’re showing you that they’re yours.

Cats also love to show you their bellies as a sign of affection. Typically this means that they want you to rub their stomach, but it even can say that they want to play. Sometimes, when you go to rub their belly, they might playfully latch onto you. Regardless, displaying their belly typically means that they want some form of attention from you.

5. Slow Blinks

Siamese cats are very communicative. They will tell you when they want something when they want to play, and even that they love you. They’re not only vocal, but they have other ways of communicating.

A common way that all cats show affection is to slowly blink their eyes at you to show you that they love you. Cats are also known to wink as another form of communicating affection. This isn’t just something they do towards people, either. They communicate with other cats and animals with their eyes, as well.

These slow blinks, also known as “cat kisses,” are a sign that your cat trusts you. Even though Siameses are very loving towards almost everyone they meet, they still like to establish a special bond with their families.

6. Licking

Just like a dog, cats also lick as a sign of affection. Cats will even lick to groom each other as a way to show love. It’s not uncommon for cats who live together to groom each other. They do this to share their scent so they can mark their territories. Cats will even give a little nibble as a way of showing affection, too.

Cats tongues are spiky, so they can groom themselves, so licks and nibbles might hurt a little bit. But these are sure ways for your pet to show you that they love you, so don’t push them away.

7. Loyalty

Siamese cats are one of the most loyal breeds of cats, as well. When given enough love and attention, a Siamese with stick with you until the end. Their loyalty is another reason why they are so often compared to dogs. The more time you spend with your Siamese, the more they begin to trust you and then the more loyal they are.

Although they are incredibly affectionate towards everyone in the family, Siameses tend to pick out one person who is their favorite to be with, and that’s usually the one that they spend the most time with. Typically, they choose to bond with the children because they tend to have the most energy and time to play with them.

How You Can Show Your Siamese Love Back

It is a known fact that Siamese cats can become depressed if they aren’t shown enough love and attention. Siamese cats need just as much love as they put out. Compared to other breeds, they aren’t very independent. Therefore, they aren’t ideal pets for people who aren’t home often. Siamese cats need owners who will be there to show them all the love that they want.

It may be a little overwhelming to match how much attention a Siamese cat wants. But here are a few ways to help you show them all of that love back:

Schedule Playtime With Your Siamese Cat

Siamese cats love to play, especially with their owners. Having toys that are stimulating, such as food puzzles or lasers, are an excellent way for them to get out all of their energy and also a way for you to spend time with them. They also love to climb, so setting up perches for them to get to and getting cat trees are great investments for a Siamese.

Siamese cats are also extremely intelligent, so you can train them to do a bunch of tricks. You can train them to do almost anything from sitting on command or jump through hoops. They see the time that you spend training them as quality time with you, making it the perfect way to show them love back.

Siameses also love anything that gets them running around; they will even play fetch with you. You can also train your cat to behave while wearing a lease and go for walks together. When they see that you can play just as hard as they can, it shows them just how much you love them.

Let Them Be a Part of the Action

Siameses will be on the back of your heels all day long if you let them, it’s one of the main ways that they will show you affection. Allowing them to follow you makes them feel with you. They also tend to do this when they want your attention, so if they’re doing this often make sure that you’re giving them enough affection.

If you are the kind of person who works a lot from home, set up a cat bed next to your desk, or wherever you work, by your feet for them to lay. This not only allows you to have some space while you work, but it lets them feel like they still have your attention.

While you are working, you should also give them a pet every now and then to acknowledge that they’re there. The last thing that you want is for them to feel ignored. When Siameses feel ignored, they not only can get depressed, but they also start to act up to get your attention. As the talkative cats they are, they will meow until they get the attention that they want.


Although they’ll give you space, Siamese cats love to cuddle. It’s easy to invite them to snuggle, too. Just point your finger at their nose level, and they’re sure to understand and come over to you. This trick also works with any breed of cat; however, you might not need it with a Siamese because of how affectionate they are.

People who do not like to cuddle with their pets and only want their company are not deal owners for Siamese cats. They are a quite physical breed of cat and want the same kind of affection back. As much as they are playful, Siameses are an incredibly cuddly breed of cat.

Cats will also head-butt and rub against their owners to mark their territory and to show affection. When your Siamese rubs their head against yours, you can nudge them back a little bit to show them that you appreciate their affection.

Siameses also love to be groomed. Even though their short hair doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, they still love the feeling of being brushed. Grooming your Siamese is another excellent way to spend quality time together and to show them that you care.

Communicate Back

Cats are very communicative pets, especially Siamese cats. They will let you know what they’re feeling at all times and won’t let you forget it. Siameses have numerous ways of communicating: talking, purring, blinking, and cuddling.

When a cat blinks their eyes slowly while looking at you, it’s a sign of affection and trust. You can reciprocate that by staring into their eyes and blinking slowly back. It might seem a little strange to stare into your cat’s eyes and blink at them, but it’s actually a form of cat communication and will help build the bond between you and your cat.

Talking back to your cat is another great way you can show them affection. Siameses are very vocal cats, so you can have a full conversation with them. If you respond to them, they are sure to respond to you back. Siameses hate to be ignored. If you don’t react to them when they talk to you, they’ll do anything they can to get your attention until you do.

Building trust with your Siamese is essential for building your bond and having a happy home together. When your Siamese notices you reciprocating their affection and speaking their language, they will feel like you understand them.

Give Your Cat Treats

Giving your cat treats is just a little way of showing affection to your Siamese. You can also use treats as a way to enforce positive behavior. Whenever your Siamese does something good, give them a treat, so they learn to continue to do it. But, you can provide them with a treat as a little gift.

Especially when training your cat, it’s essential to use positive reinforcement. It’s not healthy to only use discipline. Regularly give your cat treats in an excellent way of showing your love, especially when they do something right. Constant discipline is unhealthy and can make your Siamese feel anxious.

Get Them A Companion

If you’re not home a lot of the time, it’s a good idea to get your Siamese cat a buddy. In fact, it’s pretty standard for people to adopt two Siameses at once. Because Siameses can become depressed if they’re not shown enough love and attention, they aren’t ideal for people who aren’t home a lot that won’t show them enough attention.

Getting them a buddy is always a good idea so that they have someone to play with when you’re gone. Siameses are really compatible with most pets who can match their energy, even dogs. They need someone who can keep up with their antics and who can join in.

Even though Siamese cats are a very sociable breed, it may take them some time to get used to a new pet in the house. They may feel jealous when the other pet is getting attention, and they may act up at times, causing conflict in the home. It’s even more significant to show your Siamese some extra affection at this point.

Families with children are also great matches for Siamese cats because children can match their excitement and they always want to play as much as a Siamese does. Having a playmate, even yourself, that can play as much as a Siamese needs to is a great way to ensure that they’re getting all of the affection that they deserve.

Siameses are one of the most lovable cats. They show their love by playing and being affectionate. But they also need you to give them just as much love as they give you. Hopefully, these few tips will help you show your affection to your Siamese.