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What Do Siamese Cats Drink – Properly Hydrating Your Pet!

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Being the mom of a Siamese cat, I often find my little kitty wandering about the house to drink water. I feel like she is thirsty all the time, and if I can offer some other drink to her, it will enhance her taste buds. This makes me wonder: What Do Siamese Cats Drink?

Siamese cats primarily drink water. Siamese cats can also drink alternative liquids such as bone broth, goat’s milk, and their mother’s milk while in the kitten stages. Siamese cats should avoid drinking salty or sugary liquids.

So, let’s dive right in to know what beverages Siamese cats enjoy and which drinks you should keep away from them for their benefit.

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What Do Siamese Cats Like To Drink

There aren’t many options of drinks that Siamese cats can drink because their bodies react adversely to certain beverages. Some of the drinks that Siamese cats can drink or enjoy drinking include:

The Milk Of Their Mother (for Siamese kittens)

Siamese kittens need their mother’s milk to become healthy and grow into active little cats. The Siamese kittens will gradually stop drinking milk after they are 4 to 6 weeks old. After their mother weans off the kittens, the kittens become intolerant to their mother’s milk.

Kitten Formula For Siamese Kittens

Some of the kittens do not get the privilege of living with their mother and receiving the nourishment of their mother’s milk. Some kittens lose their way away from their mother at an early age; they need another source of nutrition for their growth.

Kitten formula is an excellent way to nourish a Siamese kitten with all the nutrients it needs to grow. You can get kitten formula for your Siamese kitty from any of the pet supply stores. If in doubt, you can always consult with your vet about the diet of your little kitten.

The nutrients that are essential for the growth of Siamese cats are:

●     Potassium: It regulates the fluids inside your cat’s body, which enables its blood pressure to remain stable. Potassium also helps regulate minerals, making the cat’s muscles flexible

●     Magnesium: This helps keep a kitten’s heart functioning properly and keeps your pet’s bones healthy.

●     Lodine: It helps regulate the metabolism of Siamese cats using their thyroid hormones. This helps your pet’s growth and increases its levels of oxygen.

●     Biotin: It is one of the vitamins that help cats build a strong nervous system. It also metabolizes fats in your cat’s body.

Bone Broth 

Bone broth is usually made out of animal bones and tissue and is commonly found in soups and sauces. It is cooked by heating the animal bones on a low flame. Bone broth is very healthy for Siamese cats because it is rich in nutrients.

Bone broth is super easy to make and can be made out of any animal-based protein. There are a lot of health benefits of bone broth for Siamese cats. It helps keep your feline friend’s digestion healthy and improves the health of its liver. Bone broth also helps Siamese cats’ joints to be strong.

If you feed your Siamese cat bone broth, you will notice its hair and skin becoming thicker and healthier. The best part about bone broth is that your Siamese cat will love it, and there are no adverse effects of ingesting it. 

Bone broth is very economical for cat owners because the meat parts that they throw away can be recycled to cook a delicious meal for their feline. 

The only disadvantage of cooking bone broth is that it takes a lot of time to be prepared. However, the upside to it is that there isn’t much that you have to do; you pick everything and put it in a bowl to boil. 

If cooking the bone broth sounds like a lot of work for you, you can get one from the store. Just make sure that you are getting one that is suitable for a pet’s consumption. The broths for humans contain certain seasonings that can be harmful to Siamese cats. 

You can feed your cat bone broth with some water or give it as a standalone. If you want to boost the hydration of your Siamese cat, you can mix it with some of its dry food.

Goat’s Milk

Siamese cats being carnivores, love feeding on animal fats. A goat’s milk has high levels of fats, and Siamese cats crave the taste of their milk. However, the sweet forbidden liquid can only be given to your cat as an occasional treat because it may upset your pet’s stomach. 

The fat molecules of goat’s milk are smaller than those of cow’s milk, and that makes the goat’s milk easier for Siamese cats to digest, even the lactose intolerant ones. Although, it is better to keep a check on your feline if you feed it goat’s milk to see if it has any adverse effect or not.


Cats love water, and Siamese cats are no different. You can be pretty sure that your Siamese cat will try and investigate the running faucet, as cats are curious little creatures! 

Siamese cats tend to drink water from a running water fountain, or a faucet, or even a water bowl kept in its vicinity.

What Can’t Siamese Cats Not Drink

There are a lot of things that you shouldn’t offer your Siamese cat for drinking. You need to research any other liquids that you are giving your cat other than water.

Here are a few liquids that you should avoid giving your Siamese cat.


While Siamese cats can drink their mother’s milk as they develop, they should avoid drinking regular milk. Storebought milk from cows is not good for cats one bit. The milk does not work well with their digestive system due to intolerance.

If you have a kitten that can’t get to their mother’s milk, then of course purchase something that’s specially formulated for kittens.

Salty Or Oily Drinks

Any kind of beverage full of salt and oils should be avoided. This eliminates a lot of canned fruit drinks, drinks from concentrate, lemonade, those sort of things. Many of those contain between 35 – 80 milligrams of sodium per cup. That’s a lot for any cat.

You also need to make an effort in avoiding drinks like hot cocoa and vegetable-based drinks too. Some vegetable-based drinks can contain up to 500 milligrams of salt.

Also, avoid having your Siamese cat drink any sports beverages like Gatorade, Powerade, or any kind of protein shakes.

Anything Containing Alchohol

Alcohol should not be given to any animal, let alone a Siamese cat. They do not have any desire to be drunk, and the experience of alcohol can be dangerous to them if they drink too much. 

While it may be highly improbable, your cat might accidentally drink alcohol. If your Siamese cat accidentally drank a little bit of alcohol, it won’t be a problem. But if it has had too much to drink, you will have to rush your cat to the veterinarian.

Also, keep in mind liquids such as mouthwash that contain traces of alcohol.


The bodies of Siamese cats are very sensitive to caffeine of any form. It can turn out to be fatal if your feline ingests a large amount of caffeine. However, it is unlikely for a Siamese cat to be interested in having a cup of morning coffee.

If you tend to drink coffee with lots of cream on top of it, it may pique the interest of your feline friend. So, it is better to keep caffeine out of the reach of your Siamese cat.

In addition to coffee, they should avoid energy drinks, sodas, and other varieties containing caffeine. The sugar content in those is also really high and another reason to avoid it.

Juice of any fruit

You might have seen in a few sources that say you can give apple juice to your feline, but juices from any fruit should be avoided because they are sugary. Siamese cats cannot process carbohydrates easily, and sugary drinks like juices can make them obese.

If you feel bad that your Siamese cat is missing out on the sweet stuff, then don’t worry! Cats cannot taste the sweetness of the juices. 

Things To Consider

Before giving your cat anything to drink, consider the following:

Can Siamese Cats Drink Milk

Interestingly, most Siamese cats are lactose intolerant, meaning they cannot properly digest the sugar in dairy products like milk.

You shouldn’t give your Siamese cat any product that contains lactose. That being said, it does not mean that your Siamese won’t crave milk; they still like the taste of milk.

The undigested lactose from the milk keeps seated in your cat’s stomach and leads to your cat becoming obese. If it helps, milk does not hold any nutritional value for Siamese cats, except the little kittens. So, it is not a problem if you wish to skip milk from your Siamese diet. 

What Should Be Included in a Siamese Cat’s Diet

The diet of a Siamese cat should include a proper balance of the below-mentioned nutrients:

● 28% protein from animal sources like turkey, chicken, and beef to help with the repairing of their body

● 36% carbohydrates to provide energy for their active lifestyle 

● 21% fat to produce hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone; and to create a layer against foreign invaders

● 3% fiber to help with the digestive functions of your cat’s body and to prevent obesity

● 2% vitamins to improve your cat’s immune system and help strengthen its bones

● 6% minerals to make sure that your feline has strong teeth and bones and to ensure efficient working of the metabolism

● Siamese cats also require a lot of water intake every day to keep themselves hydrated and to allow their body organs to function properly

Ensure that you provide a balanced diet to your Siamese cat to keep it healthy and enhance its growth.