Why Does My Cat Burrow Into Me – Affection And Meaning

Watching your cat act out and have fun is always a treat, but it can be even better when your cat includes you in their antics. The thing is, when your cat decides to burrow into your arm or suddenly demands all of your attention, it can be hard to tell what they’re doing. This leaves many asking, why does my cat burrow into me?

Cats burrowing into their owners is a sign of trust and affection from the cat. Your cat may be asking for attention or comfort by burrowing. They also do this to warm their bodies and to feel secure.

Knowing that it’s a good thing and knowing why it’s happening at the moment aren’t the same thing, so let’s dive into the reasons your cat likes to burrow into you.  

Reasons Your Cat Burrows Into You

Here are 5 of the most common reasons your cat burrows into you. Knowing these reasons will help you respond to your cat and will help bring you closer together.

Cats Feel Safe When They’re Covered

Suppose your cat likes to burrow into your elbow or arm, mainly if they actually burrow their way under your arm and then settle next to you. This kind of burrowing might be your cat telling you that they want to be covered because that’s a more comfortable and safe feeling for some cats. 

This isn’t always a sign of anxiety, thankfully. Sometimes your cat wants a little extra comfort and attention, but it’s essential to pay attention to your cat’s body language. They might also ask to be covered if they are anxious or afraid, and you may need to address the source of their fear before they relax. 

Your cat might also be trying to cuddle under your arm since being surrounded and covered is a familiar and comforting feeling from when your cat was a kitten and cuddled its littermates and mother.

Your Cat Wants To Warm Up

Sometimes cats will try to burrow into their owners because they’re cold. They’ll burrow under your arm or try to burrow into your chest before settling down.

Remember, most cats are comfortable in warm rooms (70 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer), but they’re less comfortable in relaxed environments. Ensure your cat has several options for places to go and warm up if you suspect this is why they are burrowing. 

They Want To Snuggle

Sometimes burrowing into their owners is just a sign that your cat is feeling a little cuddly. Some cats are content to lay on your lap and relax that way, but burrowing can be another kind of cuddling. Different cats will approach snuggle time differently. 

Your Cat Is Spreading Their Scent

Burrowing and rolling on you and around you is one way your cat can ask for your attention, but there is another reason your cat might burrow and roll, scent.

Cats like to spread their scent as a way of establishing territory and relationships. Spreading scent is an essential part of social bonding, and you should be touched your cat feels close to you and wants to spread the scent.

Your Cat Is Feeling A Little Anxious

Unfortunately, burrowing can also signify that your cat is feeling anxious and looking to you for comfort and protection. If you suspect that your cat is anxious, especially if it happens a lot, you might want to investigate ways to help your cat stay calm and feel safer at home. There are many options, so it usually isn’t too difficult to find a good option. 

Why Do Cats Bury Their Face In Your Arm

Cats burrowing into your arm can mean a lot of things, depending on where your cat is focused. Let’s dive into the reasons your cat likes to burrow into your arm. 

Why Does My Cat Burrow Into My Armpit

New cat owners are often baffled when their cat decides to dive straight for their armpit. Don’t worry, though! This is a completely normal feline behavior and even has good reasons.

Your armpit is filled with your scent. And while your human companions might appreciate it when you put on deodorant, your feline companions don’t know what all the fuss is about.

Your cat likes getting your scent on them, and burrowing into your armpit is a great way to do that. Plus, your natural scent and pheromones may even tell your cat more about how you’re feeling, in addition to building your relationship and bond. 

Why Does My Cat Bury His Face In My Elbow

Your cat burrowing into your elbow is probably more asking for cuddles than trying to share scent. This is also where an anxious or hesitant cat will go to ask for comfort, so pay attention to your cat’s body language if you want more insight into what’s going on with them. 

Previously feral cats comfortable around humans are also particularly prone to this behavior, anxious or not. 

Why Does My Cat Bury His Head In My Hand

Your cat burying their head in your hand is a sweet gesture, but a complicated one.

Most people assume that your cat is asking to be pet, but that isn’t always true. Burying their head in your hand can mean that your cat wants you to pet them, but they also might just be greeting you or looking for a bit of comfort. 

Your cat might also bury their head in your hand if they’re looking for a little extra warmth. 

Why Does My Cat Burrow In My Hair

Your hair is another common burrowing target for our feline friends. This location can be a little more frustrating and harder to deal with, but understanding why your cat is burrowing in your hair can help. 

For one thing, your cat might see your hair as a good grooming target; they might be trying to reciprocate the petting and scritches you give them every day. Hair can also look comfortable and comforting, especially to cats that are feeling lonely or anxious. 

Watch out for some licking and other grooming behaviors. While your cat’s tongue works as a brush for their fur, it’s more likely to tangle your hair than brush it. Moving your cat to your lap or redirecting them to a toy can help teach your cat not to go for your hair if it bothers you. 

Why Is My Cat Attached To Me All Of A Sudden

It can be comforting getting more attention from your beloved pet or even a little annoying if you’re used to your cat being more independent. Your cat suddenly showing a lot more affection can be a sign that their personality is changing as they mature, especially in the first couple of years you have them. However, sudden extreme attention, like your cat rarely leaving your side, can also be a sign that something is wrong and your cat is asking for your help. 

Like other sudden changes in your cat’s personality, it’s a good idea to pay closer attention to your cat and make sure they’re alright. 

If your cat seems to be stressed, upset, or is losing weight, it’s essential to take them to a vet to check for possible medical problems that might be causing the changes. 

Final Thoughts

One of the joys of owning a cat is that you don’t know what they’re going to do next. Your cat might decide to pass a day just curled up in bed and lounging, or you might be treated to your cat’s most hyper moments as they zoom across the house at full speed. 

Your cat’s attention is usually a good thing but burrowing and needing a lot of extra attention can be a sign that something isn’t quite right.

Your cat might be trying to ask for help with some medical discomfort, or they might be overwhelmed with their surroundings and need some extra support. Like any other behavior, if your cat suddenly wants more or less of your attention, it’s important to investigate why.  

Suppose your cat burrowing into you starts to get distracting. In that case, it might be worth considering getting another cat to keep them company, especially if your cat is currently an only pet.

While cats after particularly social animals, they do still benefit from having more social time. If your cat is clingy and always needs your attention, getting another cat for them to spend time with might help. 

More toys and a cat bed or cat tree can also be an excellent way to help your cat be a little more independent. If they have more to do, your cat might be less likely to focus on you. 


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