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120 Adorable Unisex Tabby Cat Names

120 Adorable Unisex Tabby Cat Names

Not sure what you should name your new tabby cat? No worries! We’ve put together a massive list of 105 Adorable Unisex Tabby Cat Names to help you make the right decision.

This list contains some really popular cat names as well as plenty of names you might have otherwise never considered. The good news is that these names work for both male and female cats! Before we jump into this massive list of names for cats, there are a few awesome tips you should know

Adorable Unisex Tabby Cat Names

Tips For Naming A Cat

Choosing a name for your furry cat companion is exciting, but also daunting at the same time. Below are a few helpful tips to help you feel confident that your cat has the best name for a lifetime.

  • Make it personal
  • Take into account the coat color of the cat
  • Tabby cat patterns should provide inspiration
  • Brainstorm and then brainstorm some more!
  • Keep It Short

The more personal your cat name is, the more meaning it will have. Personal names that you associate with good memories or situations can help build a really strong bond with any cat. The coat color of a cat can help greatly with choosing a name. The pattern on the cat’s fur can also provide plenty of inspiration.

For example, a cat with spots everywhere could be named “Spotty”. Another example is a mackerel tabby cat who could be named “Jaws” or “Tigger”. Ultimately you want to think outside of the box so that the name is fun and unique.

Testing out some names with your cat to see what they respond to can also help with choosing a name. Our best advice is to always keep the names short and to the point. Shorter names are easier to remember and your cat will thank you for it! Following these tips along with the list of names below will help make the process much easier. With that said, let’s jump right into our huge list of awesome cat names!

Unisex Cat Names Starting With A

  • Ace – Ace is a great name for a cat that excels at everything they do. It’s also a nice name for cats who are always ready for action!
  • Air – A cat with a light and fluffy coat should be named Air. This can also go for a cat who loves to jump up high.
  • Alba – Alba has different meanings, but its Latin origin stands for white. Perfect for a white cat with blue eyes!
  • Aldo – This name is perfect for a cat who is old and wise.
  • Apple – An apple a day keeps the doctor away and it’s a fruit name!
  • Aspen – If you have a love for scenery and Colorado, Aspen is a nice cat name.
  • Aloha – Paying homage to the Hawaiian spirit, Aloha is great for an alert cat who loves to say hello
  • Amari – This name translates to strength. It has African origins so it’s a great cultural name for cats.
  • Angel – An inspiring and heavenly name. Great for cats with an adoring personality.
  • Arrow – This name is great for a cat who is sharp and witty.
  • Ashley – This used to originally be a male name, but is more common as a female name these days.
  • August – Did you get your cat in the Fall months? August might just be the perfect name!
  • Avery – Cats who are dominant and powerful will take on the name Avery well.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With B

  • Bentley – Like the luxury car, this name is for the stylish cat
  • Biscuit – Biscuit is simply a cute name and so we added it!
  • Blacky – Have a dark cat? Blacky works well based on the coat color.
  • Blair – A simple name that can go for male or female cats.
  • Blinky – A nice name for cats who have beautiful eyes and blink frequently.
  • Blaze – A cat with a fiery attitude who can set it off at any moment needs a name to match. Blaze!
  • Blue – If you have a Russian Blue, this name works well. It can also be used for a cat who’s a bit lethargic and sad.
  • Brooklyn – Paying homage to New York roots, this name is short and symbolic.
  • Buttercup – Another name on the high end of the cuteness scale.
  • Bubbles – For very intelligent and observant cats, Bubbles is a decent name.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With C

  • Carter – A name many famous people have, including a former President!
  • Carmen – Bizets Carmen provides inspiration for this cat name.
  • Casper – A name for a cat who loves to hide like a ghost.
  • Chance – Does your cat have a unique history. Did you meet them through fate? Name them Chance!
  • Channing – Who hasn’t seen Magic Mike?
  • Charley – Often considered a royal name in European countries.
  • Cloud – For a cat that is floaty in personality.
  • Codi – Something different without any special meaning.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With D

  • Dallas – Have Texas roots? Dallas is the name to go with!
  • Dairy – Does your cat love milk? If so, name them dairy!
  • Dakota – North or South, this name works if you’re from the Dakotas.
  • Dash – A nice name for speedy cats that love to run around from room to room.
  • Digger – For cats who love to claw at the carpets, walls, and everything in between.
  • Dot – This name has several meanings, but the most unique is “gift”.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With E

  • Ebony – If your cat is brown or dark this name is perfect.
  • Egypt – A name with ancient origins and a location full of history
  • Eli – Often used as a male name, but female cats can also use it.
  • Euro – Does your cat have European origins? Name them Euro!
  • Ever – This name has wild origins so it fits a cat with that kind of personality.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With F

  • Fig – Just like the snack!
  • Farris – Just a common name.
  • Finn – Meaning “white” in Irish backgrounds.
  • Flame – For a cat that is always fired up and maybe a bit mischevious.
  • Francis – A name attributed to philosophers and navigators.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With G

  • Gentry – A name for high-class cats.
  • Greeny – For cats that have less common eye colors like green.
  • Goose – We like this name for cats who are a bit goofy and silly.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With H

  • Harley – This name has several meanings, but if you love motorcycles it’s a nice personal touch.
  • Hayden – A unique name for cats who love Classical music.
  • Hero – Reserved for cats who are protectors of the home.
  • Hershey – Found yourself with a rare chocolate coat colored cat? Hershey is a no-brainer.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With I

  • Ivory – Simply put, ivory is the perfect name for a white cat with blue eyes!
  • Indiana – This meaning of this name has a lot of history tied to native tribes. It’s also just a name that comes off smoothly. If you’re from Indiana it might also be a cool choice of a place name.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With J

  • Jet – Have a cat that loves to speed around the home with no slowing down? If so, Jet is the perfect name.
  • Jordan – Like the river, this name has Hebrew origins.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With K

  • Karter – This name is simply a respelling of Carter.
  • Keegan – Sometimes given to males, but also used more for females these days
  • Kendall – Refers to the royal valley of Kent.
  • Kingsley – A locational name that can work for any cat.
  • Kit – Short for “Kitty” and definitely usable as your cat gets older.
  • Kyler – For a cat that loves to hunt.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With L

  • Latte – If you love coffee then latte is the perfect name for your furry companion. It’s a great choice for cats with a milky/espresso colored coat.
  • Lavender – Cats are naturally drawn to the aroma of lavender. This name works for a calm and relaxed cat, as well as one that has a purplish tone to their fur coat.
  • Landry – A name for cats who rule over territories (land) within the home.
  • Lane – A nice name for cats who follow the straight and narrow path. They never get out of their lane!
  • Legend – Perfect for a cat who is one of a kind.
  • Lemon – Sometimes cats can have sour attitudes. Others might have a yellow shade to their coats. Either way, Lemon works.
  • Lennox – This name has Scottish origins.
  • Lexus – Another luxury name for a cat.
  • Light – A great name for a cat who is your inspiration and source of daily joy.
  • Lincoln – Another presidential name reserved for wise cats who make great decisions.
  • London – A locational name if your cat has some British background.
  • Lovie – Only the most adorable and loving cats should be named Lovie.
  • Loyalty – A cat that follows you around, looks out for you and is behaved should be named Loyalty!

Unisex Cat Names Starting With M

  • Marley – Hey Bob! If you love Bob Marley this is a fun name for your cat.
  • Morgan – A Welsh name for sea defenders. It’s a great name for cats who love being around water.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With N

  • Navy – This name can be used if your cat’s coat is a darkish blue coat. It’s also good if you have a connection here.
  • Nicky – A victorious name and short for Nicholas.
  • Noel – A simple name which has, even more, meaning especially around the holiday season.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With O

  • Oreo – Bi-color white and black cats deserve the name Oreo!
  • Ocean – Cats who don’t mind getting a little wet will do well with this name.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With P

  • Paris – An amazing city means an amazing name for your cat!
  • Parker – Spidey senses? Parker is a great name for male or female cats.
  • Peace – For cats who are graceful and always calm.
  • Peyton – For NFL fans, this cat name is just the one.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With Q

  • Quincy – Another good male or female cat name.
  • Quinton – Used more for female cats, this name means queen. It can also work for boy cats.
  • Quill – Cats are known to write their own adventures, so Quil is the name to be.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With R

  • Rain – Another name for a water-friendly cat.
  • Remi – French origins and it works for boy and girl cats.
  • River – Use this name for a cat who always goes with the flow.
  • Rio – Love Brazil? Choose this name for your cat.
  • Ripley – Believe it or not?
  • Rory – Cats that have red (or orange) fur.
  • Runner – This name speaks for itself! Give it to a cat who loves to run around.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With S

  • Sage – a name for seasoning, but it just might work for a cat.
  • Sasha – a name meaning defending of mankind, perfect for the protective cat.
  • Sawyer – If you love Tom Sawyer novels this name is great.
  • Shadow – Does your cat follow you around everywhere? They are truly your shadow!
  • Scout – This name is for the adventurous cat.
  • Skyler – Has many origins, but reserved for cats who are little warriors.
  • Star – Is your cat the star of the family?
  • Sunny – We suggest this name for cats with a bright and happy personality.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With T

  • Tate – Cheerful cats should be called Tate.
  • Taylor – A popular name that boys and girls have.
  • Tobin – Good cats can be called Tobin!
  • Trinity – A name that shows you are unified with your cat.
  • True – For the honest cat.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With U

  • Umpire – Does your cat love to call the shots? Name them Umpire!
  • Unique – Your cat is special and a name like this further proves that.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With V

  • Valentine – A name for cats who truly have your heart. Make them your Valentine!
  • Vick – An interesting French name.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With W

  • Webber – Tangled up in the web of your cat’s life? Name them Webber.
  • Wesley – One of the most popular names in the world.
  • Winter – A name that works if you like the cold, or the cat reminds you of snow.
  • Worley – Just another interesting option for your cat.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With X

  • Xen – There aren’t many X names for cats, but this one is short and to the point.
  • Xoan – Another name referring to goodness and religion.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With Y

  • Yale – An exceptionally intelligent cat should be named after one of the top schools.
  • Yoshi – Super Mario anyone? This cat name pays homage to the popular video game.
  • Yuri – Another Hebrew origin name meaning light.

Unisex Cat Names Starting With Z

  • Zion – Here’s a cat name for the NBA fans!
  • Zoe – A Greek name meaning life.

Spanish Unisex Cat Names

While most of the names on this list are in the English language, there are quite a few awesome Spanish unisex cat names to consider. Below are some of our favorites that speak to Spanish heritage.

  • Alegria – This name translates to joy.
  • Buena – Do you have a cat with good behavior? Buena is just the name for them.
  • Corazon – A name meaning heart and great for a loving cat.
  • Loco – This is the perfect name for a crazy and energetic cat.
  • Nino – While cats can’t stay kittens forever, this name will always remind you of their little in our hearts.
  • Vivo – If your cat has a great deal of energy then they must love life. Vivo is a good fit.