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161 Female Tabby Cat Names You Will Love!

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Female Tabby Cat NamesThe name you give to your female tabby cat should say a lot about them. Names are important for getting your cat’s attention and it also helps build a connection with them as an owner. Choosing a name for your cat can be tricky though, and it helps to have some guidance so you choose something that lasts!

With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of the best female tabby cat names that we could find and come up with. Each of these names is well thought out and has a special meaning. You’ll notice that some of the names on this list are inspired by the coat colors and tabby patterns on the cat. Others are drawn from inspiration from food, pop culture, heritage, and locations. We think you’ll find just the right name for your cat once you’ve checked out our list.

To help with sorting the names we’ve ordered them alphabetically! Let’s start out with A!


  • Ariel – This cat name has a bit of Disney inspiration. Use this name for a female cat with red/orange fur. Perhaps if the cat has green eyes this could be a nice name as well.
  • Alexa – Alexa is a female form of Alexander. It’s also the name of a popular voice-controlled device by Amazon. The name has a Greek meaning that refers to dense, so it would be a great name for a female cat who is really protective of their owner.
  • Aubrey – Aubrey is a beautiful name for a female cat. It’s meaning has roots in ruling and power, so it’s great for a housecat who dominates their territory.
  • Autumn – The fall season is one of the best times of the year. If you name your cat autumn, you can have a constant reminder of your favorite season year-round.
  • Amber – This name is a good way to describe a tabby cat with red fur. It’s also a name referring to the fossilized jewel.
  • Amy – This is a name that means love and endearment. It’s also one of the most popular female names in the entire world, particularly in the French population.
  • Apple – Apple is one of those names that is a food, but equally as useful for naming a pet.


  • Beatrice – While Beatrice is an outdated name, it’s still a good one for female tabby cats. Its meaning derives from happiness which is exactly what your fur pal does for you every day!
  • Bandit – If there’s one thing cats are really good at, it’s taking things and hiding them without getting caught. Bandit is just the right name if this describes your cat’s behavior.
  • Bella – This name is a cute one for female cats. It’s a French name for beautiful and goes well for a tabby cat with awesome stripe patterns.
  • Blake – Blake is a great name that can be used for a boy or girl cat.
  • Boo – Sometimes our cats can sneak up on us when we least expect it. Boo is just the right name for cats who love to spook their owners!
  • Buttercup – Need something classy and cute? Name your cat Buttercup!


  • Carol – Carol is another old school name. It was a really popular baby name in the mid-1930s and still holds steady in 2019.  It can be related to the holidays or something much simpler.
  • Candy – There are already some fruit food names up here, but Candy is one with the ultimate amount of sweetness available. It can also be used as a short form of Candice.
  • Celeste – If your cat takes a liking to music, then you can name them after the popular keyboard instrument; the Celeste.
  • Chloe – Chloe is a great name for a cat with a blooming character. It has some Greek background.
  • Coco – This is another Disney movie-inspired name. This can be for a cat within a Latin family, or one that loves music.
  • Crystal – This is just a cute name that can be used for a cat that’s a true gem in the eyes of their owners.


  • Daisy – Everyone likes Daisies right? Name your cat this if they remind you of the popular flower.
  • Dash – Tabby cats just like all others love to run around and be active. You can name your female tabby cat Dash to fit her active personality.
  • Dahlia – A popular Swedish name.
  • Dawn – This is the perfect name for a tabby cat who is an early riser. This is for a cat who gets up early and is ready to take on the new day with their owners.
  • Delores – While this name might mean sorrows, it’s still a widely used Spanish name.
  • Dianne – A beautiful name reserved for only the best female cats. Dianne means beauty and smarts which many cats naturally possess.
  • Diamond – Much like Crytal, Diamond is the perfect name for a white cat with tabby stripes. It’s also a name that refers to being untamed and free which is how most cats (including domestic housecats) live.
  • Domino – Domino is the perfect name for a white tabby cat with dark spots or swirls.
  • Dorky – Think your cat is an absolute brainiac when it comes to figuring out challenges in the home? Dorky is a fun name that points to their overall knowledge!
  • Dorothy – Fans of the Wizard of Oz might want to give Dorothy a try for a cat name. Ideally, you’ll want to name a red/orange cat this, but it’s a gorgeous name no matter the coat color or pattern.
  • Duchess –  If you have several female cats in the home, one can be named the Queen and the other Duchess. What a perfect fit!


  • Elaine – This name refers to a ray of sunshine so it’s fitting for most cats.
  • Elsa – Fan of the Frozen movies by Disney? If so then this is an easy choice, name your cat Elsa!
  • Emerald – Tabby cats are known for their amazing coat patterns. From stripes, blotches, and swirls. These cats also have amazing eye colors too. Emerald is the perfect name for a cat that has bright green eyes.
  • Envy – Sometimes cats are so obsessed with their owners that they don’t want any other pets (or humans) to take their attention away. Envy can be a fun name to give a cat who always does this sort of thing.
  • Erica – A simple name for a cat that rules their surroundings.


  • Faith – If you really believe the nit means you’ve got Faith. What better name to pass onto your cat than this one? It’s a positive name and it’s also short.
  • Fairy – Sometimes cats can seem like magical creatures, so much so that Fairy has become quite a popular female cat name.
  • Felicia – This name has a literal meaning of “happy things”.
  • Fiona – There aren’t too many female cat names that begin with F, but Fiona is a unique one. It has Latin origins.
  • Fluffy – Obviously if your cat has super soft and plush fur, you should name them something that describes that. Not only is Fluffy a cute name, but it’s also easy to remember.


  • Gabby – This is a name that means strength. This name works well because it can be said two different ways; Gabby or Gabriella.
  • Genevieve – While this name is longer than most, it’s still a really popular one in today’s world.
  • Georgia – From the peach state? Name your cat Georgia!
  • Gianna – This is the perfect name for those needing Italian inspiration for their cat’s name. It has some religious backgrounds and refers to grace.
  • Giggles – There’s been some debate as to whether cats can laugh or not, but Giggles is perfect for those really vocal cats.
  • Gina – Female cats are often called Queens, and so Gina means exactly that. In other countries, it has additional meanings referring to smarts and creativity. It’s also short for Regina.
  • Ginger – I like this name because it has some spice to it. Ginger is also the perfect name for a tabby cat with red/orange fur coat.
  • Giselle – Just a good name that you can try!
  • Grace – Does your cat have an easy-going personality? Grace is the perfect name for a female cat who is always relaxed and loves to cuddle with their owner.
  • Gypsy – Have you ever looked into the cat’s eyes and noticed how mesmerizing they can be? Gyspy is a name I would give to a cat with big, beautiful eyes.


  • Helga – This is a popular German name.
  • Hazel – Here’s a cat name that is inspired completely by their eye color.
  • Harley – This name can go for both boy and girl cats. This can be a nice name if you’re a fan of the motorcycles too.
  • Heather – An interesting name with Scottish origins. If your cat has some pink in their fur it would be a fitting name.
  • Hello Kitty – Ever thought about giving your cat a first and last name? Not only is this name funny, but it’s easy to remember.
  • Honey – Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of Honey? Honey is a great name for a cat with a sweet and loving personality. “Hey Honey”!


  • Isabella – Sometimes Bella is the short version of this, but it’s a name that means devotion. Great for cats who are loyal to their owners and listen well.
  • Ivy – Another name that’s simple and to the point. It’s only 3 letters long and refers to faithfulness.
  • Izzy – Kind of like fizzy, but spelled differently! This can also be a short version of Isabelle.


  • Jasmine – A popular flower, but also a name that means gift. Great if you feel your female cat is a true blessing to your family.
  • Jazz – I’m a big fan of music inspired names. Cats love all kinds of music, but Jazz is one genre that they all love to play and relax to.
  • Jenny – A really popular pet name that is short for Jennifer.
  • Jessie – A name that references well. If you feel your cat is truly valuable to your life this works just fine.
  • Josie – Simple, easy to say, easy to remember!
  • Joy – I would most certainly name a cat Joy if that’s the kind of excitement they brought to my life. Joy is a really short name too and it’s easy to remember.
  • Jumper – Cats are creatures who love to explore and run all over the place. They love jumping just as much, so the Jumper is an easy name to go with. Works for boy and girl cats.
  • June – A fan of the hot summer months? Name your tabby cat June.
  • July – Summer is over quite yet! July is another popular female cat name.


  • Kaat – This is a fun name that is literally pronounced the same way as “cat”. Kind of hard to forget this one right?
  • Kate – If you’re a fan of the royal princess then this name can be perfect. Kate has a Latin background and also means purity and cleanliness. Cats love
  • Kayla – A name for your furry cat princess. It’s a popular name from the early 1990s and sometimes used as a short form of Michaela.
  • Kelly – Have some Irish heritage? You can name your tabby cat Kelly. Kelly is a name that means intelligence.
  • Kit Kat – Another first and last name duo. Also a good name for a cat that never seems to give you a break because they adore you so much. This name can also work for a brown or chocolate colored tabby cat!


  • Luna – Another great Latin name is Luna. It has several origins and means Moon. It’s a great name for a cat with blue eyes or one who is basically a night owl.
  • Lola – If you’re a fan of Space Jam, then Lola would be an awesome name for a cat.
  • Lacey – Have a cat that loves to play with shoelaces? Lacey just might be the name for them.
  • Lollipop – There aren’t too many L names out there for cats, but Lollipop is at the top of the cuteness scale!
  • Lucky – Having a female tabby cat in your life is exciting. Sometimes they can be that good luck charm you’ve been waiting for.


  • Macy – What rhymes with Lacey? Macy! Macy has an interesting meaning, so an aggressive cat could wear this hat well.
  • Mackie – The idea for this name comes from the Mackeral tabby cat pattern. It’s fitting as it describes what the cat looks like while also making for an easy name to remember.
  • Mango – Sometimes people like to name their cats after popular fruits. Mango describes the sweetness and beauty of your cat.
  • Mary – A name with some religious origins, Mary is a terrific cat name.
  • Megan – Here’s a name that has some Welsh origins. Megan is quite popular among other pet names as well as with celebrities.
  • Mila – Cats that handle themselves gracefully could be named Mila.
  • Midnight – Tabby cats with dark fur can be named Midnight. This is also a name I suggest giving to a cat that is essentially a night wanderer.
  • Mocha – A good name for a brown or chocolate colored cat with tabby stripes.


  • Nina – Cats are always observing their surroundings and using their imagination. This name means dreamer and fits great.
  • Nessa – This is a cute cat name that is a short version of Vanessa.
  • Ninja – Some cats are super sneaky and athletic, almost like ninjas. A dark cat with this name would be really enjoyable.
  • Nivea – Another addition to our list of Latin names for cats is Nivea. It means snow-white, so it would work well for a tabby cat with white fur.
  • Noodles – A great name for a female cat that goes bonkers whenever they spend time with you!
  • Nora – This is a Greek name referring to honor and light.


  • Ocean – Beach lovers can get their cat names from that kind of inspiration. Ocean might also be a good name for a tabby cat with deep blue eyes.
  • Olivia – Just a cool name to add.
  • Oreo – A simple name that works for bi-color cats with white and black fur.


  • Paris – Have a love for travel to exotic places? Name your cat Paris!
  • Patches – I think Patches is a great name for a tabby with blotched or patched designs. Again, the cat really needs to look the part for this name to work!
  • Peanut – Peanut is one of those cute names that work for smaller cats. It’s like a bundle of kitty cuteness!
  • Pearl – A pearl is one of the most cherished and beautiful jewels on the planet. Ideally, you’ll want to give this name to a white cat, but it works just as well for a cat that you value tremendously!
  • Penny – Penny is another name to use for a smaller cat. It can also be used as a short form of Penelope.
  • Pepper – Pepper is for a cat with a spicy personality. If it’s a tabby cat with dark spots or specks then it is a great way to describe how they look too.
  • Pickles – Pickles can go for a cat with green eyes.
  • Poppy – The more energy your cat has the more fun they can be to play with. Poppy is a good name for cats who are always bouncing all over the place and looking for fun things to get into.
  • Princess – An easy name if you have two female cats in the home already. This name makes it easier to bond with your female cat.
  • Priscilla – This is a Latin name with an interesting meaning. It refers to living a long life.
  • Pumpkin – Pumpkin is a great name for an orange tabby cat.


  • Queeny – A female tabby cat wants to be the ruler of the home. Name her Queeny!
  • Quinn – Quinn is a name that means wisdom; a trait that most cats have.


  • Raquel – This is a name with some Spanish and Portuguese origins. It’s a name for a cat that stands strong in all situations.
  • Reena – While some cats are wild and crazy, others are calm and relaxed. This is exactly what Reena means, plus it’s a cute and unique name.
  • Red – An easy choice to name your cat is Red. Definitely referring to their coat or eye colors. It’s also a short three-letter name.
  • Rose – Much like Red, Rose is a name to describe the beauty of your red/orange cat.
  • Ruby – Making our list is another name based on jewels. Ruby is an older name, but a good one.


  • Shadow – Have an adoring cat who follows you all over the place? They are essentially your shadow! This name also works perfectly for dark cats.
  • Sassy – Does your tabby cat have a little bit of attitude? Name them Sassy!
  • Scout – Scout is one of those names you give to a cat when they are always scavenging and exploring the home. This name can work for boy cats too.
  • Skittles – There’s nothing too special about this name other than it is cute and fun.
  • Skipper – Much like Jumper, Skipper can be given to a cat who trots around the home and essentially skips around.
  • Smudge – Tabby cats with the blotched pattern could easily be named Smudge.
  • Sparkly – I like to use this name for a cat with bright eye colors.
  • Spots – An easy name choice for tabby cats with spots. This can also be varied into Spotty or Spotter.
  • Star – Star is a nice four-letter name that really describes how special your cat is to you.
  • Strawberry – Here we are with yet another fruit-inspired cat name. Strawberry is a popular nickname to remind you of how sweet your cat is.
  • Stripey – Pretty self-explanatory! Since most tabby cats have stripes this name comes from their looks.
  • Sugar – Sugar is another name to describe the sweetness of your tabby cat.
  • Sunny – I love this name because it works well for a cat with a bright and bubbly personality. You could even name her Sunshine as another variant!
  • Squeaker – I love this name for cats with high pitched meows. It almost sounds like they’re squeaking!


  • Tabatha – This Greek name has dropped in popularity over the years, but its still a good one. You won’t find too many cats named this!
  • Tara – Finally, an Irish name on our list! Tara is a four-letter name that we love.
  • Tessa – Short for Contessa.
  • Tiger – An easy name to use for a tiger tabby cat. Dark stripes and orange fur.
  • Tina – Short for Christina, Valentina, Martina, Justina, and many more. The choice is yours!
  • Tiny – This one explains itself. You might want to use this name for smaller cat breed slike Singapura or Munchkin cats.
  • Twinkie – For a cat with blonde fur or if you’re just in need of an adorable name.


  • UnaThis means one in Spanish. I would reserve this name for a cat who is truly number one in your heart, or the top pet in the household.
  • Unique – Think your cat is special and one of a kind? Unique is an easy choice here.
  • Ursula – Here is another name inspired by the popular Disney movie. Perhaps give this name to a cat with poor temperament.


  • Velvet – Think about a soft, luxurious just like fabric. This name is perfect for a cat who is soft and fluffy!
  • Venus – Think your cat is out of this world? Name them Venus!
  • Veronica – This name relates to honesty and trust. Name this if you feel your cat is loyal and presents all of those awesome qualities.
  • Vicky – Short for Victoria.


  • Wanda – Here is a name with some Polish origins. The name is short for wanderer which is something every cat loves to do.
  • Watermelon – Just another cute addition to our list!
  • Wendy – A popular pet name, from the full name Gwendolyn.
  • Whiskas – Every cat has whiskers, so why not make it a bit more fun? Name her Whiskas!


  • Xabelle – This name is reserved for only the most beautiful and elegant cats. It can even be shortened to Belle so it’s quicker to say.


  • Yara – Here’s a name with some Brazillian background. It refers to beauty.
  • Yasmin – This name has Persian origins. It refers to a white flower, so it might work well with a white fur cat. Its English equivalent is Jasmine.


  • Zenith – I like this name for a cat that is always jumping up trying to reach new heights.
  • Ziva – There are not too many Z names for cats out there, but Ziva is one worth considering. It means brightness and brilliance.
  • Zoey – This name means “life” in Greek. Cats are full of life and it’s also just a cute name to use for female cats.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it! There’s a lot to consider from this huge list of female tabby cat names, but I’m sure you’ll find some god inspiration to name your cat.

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