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Are Balinese Cats Friendly – Personality & Behavior

Cats come with different personalities and behaviors that we all love and question. If you’re researching new pets to add to your home, then you’ve probably considered a Balinese cat. They have a reputation for being interactive and fun pets, but are they truly nice cats to be around?  Are Balinese cats friendly?

Balinese cats are friendly. They are also mild-mannered, sociable, affectionate, and great with other pets. Balinese cats bond closely with family members and are attention seekers. 

If you’re looking for an affectionate cat you can cuddle with, the Balinese is definitely the breed you would consider. They are quite clingy though, and it’s important to you know that up front. In this article we’ll break down some of the awesome qualities of Balinese cats, it’s temperament, as well as some caveats. 

What Is The Temperament Of A Balinese Cat

Balinese cats are sociable, mild-mannered, and loving cats. They have a temperament that works well for families of all sizes, and they are quite calm around other pets too. If you already have a pet then this is a cat that can mesh well with it. 

This cat breed is very playful, but not quite as needy as other cat breeds. They do love interacting with humans and enjoy being vocal. It’s not uncommon to hear them meowing loudly in response to your voice, or during playtime. While they are vocal, it’s not quite as vocal as a Siamese cat. That’s interesting considering they are a direct descendent of the Siamese cat. 

In addition to being cuddly and interactive cats, they are quite intelligent. Balinese cats are able to process information quickly and build routines within the home. If you are looking for a cat breed that’s easy to train, definitely consider a Balinese. 

Balinese cats are the type that you can cuddle with after a long day of work. They aren’t known to be finicky or aggressive. At the same time, every cat has it’s own unique personality. If you find an aggressive Balinese cat, this is probably a rarity. Later in this post I’ll share some ways you can actually bond with your cat if it’s an area of concern for you. 

Are Balinese Cats Good Pets

Balinese cats are good pets, especially for families. They are high energy, but not destructive. That’s a good thing as most high energy cats tend to rip away at walls and furniture. That’s not the case with a Balinese cat though. 

As I wrote earlier, they are really intelligent, so building a routine with them works really well. You can train them to only venture to certain areas of the home or to not interact with certain objects if you wanted to. Balinese cats respond well to training, and will quickly get used to whatever parameters you would like them to operate within. 

Are Balinese Cats Kid Friendly

Yes, Balinese cats are kid-friendly. These cats are very interactive, and with kids that’s important. A Balinese cat can even handle a little bit of rough play. They can also learn tricks too and they are responsive to respect when it is given. Whoever gives the cat the most attention is who they will naturally bond with the most. 

Just be careful to monitor children as they play with pets. Cats are well known to shift moods in an instant, and the last thing you would want is a nasty bite during playtime. Playtime should be supervised and limited, especially if the cat is new to the home. 

In general, Balinese cats are not aggressive, and they will let you know when they want to be petted or played with. Let them come to you! 

Do Balinese Cats Get Along With Other Cats

Balinese cats get along with other cats. They are not overly territorial as some other breeds and don’t mind sharing space with other pets in the home. 

If you do have another cat, you should make sure that it’s temperament matches that of your Balinese cat. A Balinese cat can work with an aggressive cat, but that doesn’t mean an aggressive cat can work with a Balinese.

When welcoming a new Balinese cat into your home, be sure to give both cats time and space. I recommend having separate feeding areas and separate feeding bowls and water sources. Over time you can let the cats start interacting more, for small amounts each day. Because the Balinese cat is not aggressive, they will keep to themselves if the other cat is not welcoming. 

In addition to giving space for feeding and time together, make sure each cat has their own set of toys to play with. Because cats have strong scent glands, the other cats will know if their favorite toys have been played with. 

Overall, this comes down to the other pets. If you already have friendly pets in the home, a Balinese cat will fit right in perfectly. 

How Do You Take Care Of A Balinese Cat

Cats who have good behavior and bond well with their human do so because they are well taken care of. If you want to keep your cat friendly, it’s essential that you invest real time and energy into them.

Taking care of a Balinese cat is similar to what you would do with any other cat. Make sure they are properly fed, well-hydrated, and have a safe environment to call home. Let’s dive into a few other ways you can take of a Balinese cat so that they live a happy and healthy life. 

Feeding And Exercise

Balinese cats are known for having a slender build. Because of this, it is easy for them to get overweight if they eat too much food and don’t have the space to exercise. In general, feed your cat a few pouches of food per day in accordance with their current weight. Make sure your cat is on a feeding schedule, especially if you are gone for long periods. 

Also, give them plenty of toys to encourage pay and spend at least 15 minutes each day playing with them. The more your cat runs around the more energy they can burn off and that will help keep the weight down. If you are tight on space and don’t’ have much room for your cat to exercise, you can check out these suggestions. 

Provide A Suitable Environment

Taking care of a cat and bonding with them is much easier when they are in a comfortable environment. 

One thing to keep in mind with Balinese cats is that they naturally like to hang out in high areas of the home. It’s essential that you have cat trees or high areas they can safely perch on. This will give them a chance to safely climb to high surfaces where they can observe the home, take a nap, or just relax. 

Grooming And Tooth Care

Balinese cats are known for their thick coats. With that comes a large amount of shedding, so regular grooming is essential. Grooming brushes or gloves are the easiest way to remove large clumps of hair and prevent hairballs. 

Like most cats, they will self groom as well, so baths are not absolutely necessary, but helpful. I recommend giving your cat a bath a few times per year, especially if you notice the coat is losing its shine or if your cat has gotten into a mess. 

In addition to grooming, dental care is essential. There are actually cat treats that promote healthy teeth and will do the cleaning for you. For more cats eating a dental treat is more preferable as they don’t enjoy toothbrushes in their mouth. 

Remember, cats who do not have any kind of dental care will eventually develop an oral disease. That can list to a host of infections and if your cat has underlying health issues, it can be detrimental. If you’re not sure about the conditions of your cat’s teeth, check for the following. 

Look at their gums for coloration, check their teeth for cracks, and of course smell their breath to see if it’s starting to become foul. 

Regular Vet Checkups

When a cat is not feeling well, they won’t be as friendly, and that’s regardless of the breed. 

So, in order to keep your Balinese cat happy and healthy, they need regular vet checkups. Cats should be checked for weight, coat condition, and get any necessary annual vaccines. As a general rule, you should take your cat to the vet multiple times per year just to make sure they are staying healthy.

Tips To Bond With Your Balinese Cat

As you can see, Balinese cats are super friendly and easy to introduce to families and other pets. Still, however, each cat has its own unique personality. To get the best experience possible, you’ll want to try bonding with your cat the right way from the very beginning. Below are a few tips to help you bond with a Balinese cat. 

Give Them Space

When bringing a new cat into the home it’s important to give them space. You have to understand, the home is new to them, they haven’t put their scent on anything, and really, it’s unmarked territory to them. Allow your cat a few days, perhaps a few weeks to fully adjust to their new environment.

Then, when it’s time, allow them to come to you and initiate the bonding. By being patient, you allow your cat time to process and indulge in their new surroundings. From there, they can start focusing their attention on you and feel less worried about the new space they are in. 

Maintain Consistent Habits

Cats are creatures of habit. Anytime the routine is broken they are left confused and many times, upset by this. 

So with that said, maintain consistent habits with your cat. This includes feeding them on time, giving them daily playtime, and giving them consistent behaviors. for example, if they do something you don’t want them to, the consequences need to be consistent. Otherwise, your cat will think it’s okay to repeat that behavior. 

Where they sleep, what they eat, how do you talk to them needs to be consistent too. 

Give Treats For Good Behavior

Every cat loves treats, especially Balinese cats. One way to initiate some of the contact is to put a treat on your lap and see if they’ll jump up there to get it. 

When they do, that’s a great opportunity to pet them and cuddle. Your cat will start building this into a routine, and also enjoy the bonding time with you that comes with eating that treat. 

Last but not least, you can always increase bonding time with your cat through training. Cats will start to enjoy clicker training because of the treats involved. 


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