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Where Does A Cat Like To Be Petted – 5 Signs To Know

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You decide to pet your cat by rubbing its tummy; the next thing you observe is the lack of approval being shown by your feline. This leaves you feeling gutted, then you wonder, where does a cat like to be petted?

Cats like being petted around the facial region, which includes the base of their ears, under their chin, and around their cheeks. Most cats do not like being petted on their tummies and the base of their tails.

This article will discuss the various signs that show your cat is affectionate. Later on, we will supply answers to frequently asked questions about body parts where a cat enjoys being petted.

Before that, let’s discuss the signs that your cat is affectionate.

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Signs Your Cat Wants To Be Petted

No doubt, we all love affectionate cats. Having an affectionate cat as a pet has many benefits, both physical and mental benefits.

Now, let’s discuss five signs you have an affectionate cat.


If you are familiar with cats, you would have experienced this at one point or the other. Cats love to ram their head against that of their owners.

For cats, headbutting is not a sign of violence but rather a sign of love. It is their way of saying I love and cherish you. It’s a way they identify you as a friend.

By head butting their owners, cats mark their territory. Cats have been discovered to have scent glands in severe locations. This includes their chins, foreheads, and cheeks.

The next time your cat headbutts you, it is an indication he wants to be petted. Do not reject this show of affection.

Twitching And Curled Tail Around Your Leg

Scientists have been able to discover that a cat’s tail can indicate what sort of mood they are in. A twitching tail for a cat means he’s feeling happy and confident.

If your cat is not happy with you, it will never curl its tail around your leg. If your feline happens to curl its tail around your leg, it’s a sign of deep friendship.

Sometimes, when a cat’s tail is twitching, it might be a sign of aggression, especially if you’re petting your feline around the tummy. Cats do not fancy it when being petted in the tummy.

It Shows Its Tummy

Only a few lucky people get to see a cat’s belly. Cats don’t show random people their bellies.

For you to see a cat’s belly, you must have earned his trust. When a cat shows you his belly, it means he feels very safe with you.

If your cat keeps stretching and rolling beside you, it’s a sign your cat wants some belly rub badly.

On other occasions, a cat might expose his tummy to communicate submissiveness. It can also show a defensive act when it feels cornered. If you are not familiar with a cat, never try to rub its belly. The cat may bite you to defend itself.

The next time your cat shows you its belly, please do give him a rub if he allows you to!

Your Cat Nibbles You A lot

The act of nibbling their owners is not common to every cat. If your cat wants you to pet him, he bites you softly with his tongue.

A cat would only nibble people he’s comfortable with, not some random strangers!

One key difference between nibbles and a real bite is that one hurts while the other doesn’t. If your feline is using you as a chew toy, it means you guys are the best pals.

It Follows You All-Around

When a cat loves you deeply, it follows you all around the place. It’s a sign he enjoys being petted by you.

If your cat likes to hop into the bed with you, follow you into the restroom, or even watch as you shower, then that means they have a large interest in you.

When you are with him, you may notice some strange sounds. These sounds are known as gurgling. Cats make these sounds when they are feeling friendly.

How Do You Know If A Cat Wants To Be Petted

Pay close attention to the ears, eyes, whiskers, and tail. These body parts will give you a clue if your feline wants to be petted.

A friendly dog would always point its ears and whiskers forward, waiting for a pet. The tail would be calm as well.

It’s quite easy to misunderstand a cat’s body language. Some signs they give out are very easy to miss.

For example, if a cat exposes its belly, some cat owners misjudge this as an invitation to offer a pet. Unlike dogs, an exposed belly doesn’t mean “pet me buddy” in cats.

If you own a cat, you must understand when he doesn’t want to be touched. Even as humans, we sometimes want to be alone, not wanting to be touched.

What Do Cats Feel When You Pet Them

Petting from humans mimics the pleasurable feeling of being groomed. Cats enjoy every bit of petting done by humans.

It is a well-known fact that petting cats can reduce their blood pressure and stress levels.

You should remember not all cats are the same. Some cats do not enjoy being petted. They will hiss and growl whenever a human tries to pet them.

Cats communicate using body language. They do this by grooming one another, sometimes nuzzling or just a normal rubbing of the face.

The reason cats love physical touch is not far-fetched.

Petting done by humans is quite similar to the grooming they experienced with their mother at the beginning of their lives.

Do Cats Like Being Pet On The Stomach

No. Cats do not enjoy being pet on the stomach because the hair follicles which tend to be on the sensitive side. Even a subtle touch could cause them to be agitated.

For most cats, a belly rub is hypersensitive for them. Anyone who has tried to rub the belly of a cat can easily relate to this.

A belly rub for a cat can be cause high levels of stimulation for them due to heightened sensitivity. The reason they become aggressive whenever anyone tries to rub their tummy.

Cats prefer you to rub their chin area rather than rub their belly. Cats have unique personalities. Each one is its own individual and has its own quirks and behaviors.

All the best trying to figure out what kind of cat you’ve met every time you rub on its belly side.

Why Do Cats Lift Their Bum When You Pet Them

They do this to transfer their scent through anal glands. They invite the one petting them to swap scents with them by lifting their bums.

This peculiar habit of cats is also known as “elevation butt.” According to vets, the lifting of the bum by cats is a way they respond positively to your petting.

Having a cat’s tushie in your face may not sound all that pleasing. But not everyone gets that show of honor by cats.

This sounds weird, but it’s one of the highest honors a cat can bestow on its owner. A large number of cats prefer rubbing the base of their tails.

Next time your cat walks up to you, a few rubs at the base of the tail are all the elevator needs to begin its ascent. Do not resist this offer!

Is It Okay To Pet A Cat While Sleeping

Research has shown that petting a cat while sleeping lowers stress, blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.

Apart from this, petting your cat while sleeping strengthens the bond you both share. It feels more safe and secure with you.

You provide warmth for your cat while petting him. The cat is not the only one to benefit; you also feel warmth having a cat in close contact.

The downside of petting your cat while sleeping is that you might wake him up from sleep. This may not boil down well with him.

Study the mood of your cat; if he permits you to continue petting him, go ahead; if otherwise, take your cue and let him be.

How Long Should I Pet My Cat

Experts recommend petting your feline once or two times a day for about 15 minutes per play session. Total pet time should be around 20 to 60 minutes daily.

Playing with your cat daily has a lot of advantages, especially if you are always keeping them indoors.

Playing or petting your cat constantly keeps him mentally stimulated. Petting your cat doesn’t have to be too long, but you should be consistent with it.

Kittens and younger cats do not require petting like the older and overweight cats do! You must help your older cat find their inner kitten by petting and constantly playing with him.

Can Cats Tell Who Is Petting Them

Yes. Experts and cat owners have affirmed that cats know who is petting them if they are strangers or family members.

Your cat knows who handles the morning feeding, who carries a bag of goodies in her pocket, and who knows just the right place to pet.

Cats are good at figuring out which sounds and actions will trigger specific desired reactions from humans.

Animal behavior experts have concluded that cats do not have the ability to tell human faces apart, unlike dogs.

Cats recognize us in other ways, like scent, touch, and sound.