Why Do Cats Bite Their Tongue – Is It Normal?

Seeing your cat bite its tongue can be puzzling for you. Though cats are known for their unpredictable and erratic behavior, they hardly bite their tongue. But sometimes, they do bite their tongue, and you start to wonder: why do cats bite their tongue?

Cats bite their tongue when chewing food too quickly. They can also bite their tongue when they have fights with other cats or teeth grinding during sleep. On some rare occasions, cats may bite their tongue due to oral problems or discomfort. 

In this article, we will be explaining why cats bite their tongue. We will also be answering other commonly asked questions and provide some necessary information so that you can understand the reasons and act accordingly.

Reasons Cats Bite Their Tongue 

There are five main reasons why cats bite their tongue. It can happen while they are eating foods so fast or trying to nip at their chin. Cats may also bite their tongue accidentally while fighting with other cats. They can bite their tongue while sleeping. However, your cat may bite their tongue due to oral problems or extreme discomfort. 

Your Cat Is Chowing Foods Quickly 

Your cat can bite its tongue accidentally while it is chowing foods too fast. It may happen when you have more cats, and there is competition for food. As cats are evolutionary relatives of wild lions and tigers, they tend to eat their foods as fast as possible.

They do it to avoid other scavengers. This quick-eating behavior is imprinted in their gene. Though your cat is domesticated, it may eat sometimes eat faster than usual. And while eating too fast, your cat can bite its tongue unintentionally. 

Your Cat Is Trying To Nip At Its Chin

Your cat can bite its tongue while trying to nip at its chin. Cats do lick their chin very often. In most cases, they try to lick their chin, mouth, even front paws after eating or drinking. As cats are extremely clean animals, they do it to clean and groom themselves.

While they eat, tiny food particles get splattered on their chin and face. To remove those little substances and clean themselves, cats nip or lick their chin with their tongue. During this cleaning process, cats may unintentionally bite their tongue. 

Your Cat Is Fighting With Other Cats 

Cats may bite their tongue during a fight with other cats. Cats have an instinct to protect their territory. They claim their territory by licking, rubbing, and leaving their scent on the areas.

If other cats enter those areas, your cat may engage in a fight with them. However, male cats may fight to impress their female counterparts too. During this fight, your cat may accidentally bite its tongue.

Cat-brawls is expected if there are more cats in your areas. So, keep an eye on your cat so that it may not engage in a cat brawl. 

Your Cat Is Biting Tongue While Sleeping 

Cats can bite their teeth while sleeping. Blepping or sticking their tongue out is very common in cats. They sometimes do so while they are asleep. Thus they can bite their tongue accidentally.

Many a time, cats stick their tongue out for a while because of their forgetfulness. They look so adorable while they do so. On rare occasions, they can bite their tongue by sticking their tongue out while sleeping. 

It Can Be A Sign Of An Oral Problem 

When cats bite their tongue, it can be a sign that they are suffering from oral problems and feeling extreme discomfort. Oral problems may include teeth and gum problems, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc. When cats suffer from oral problems, they may stop eating or drinking.

They may also keep their tongue out for a long time and, on rare occasions, bite their tongue. It’s a red light for cat owners. So, when your cat bites its tongue or keeps it outside of the mouth for an unusual amount of time, you must consult your vet or cat behaviorist without further delay.

Is It Normal For Cats To Bite Their Tongue

It’s not normal for cats to bite their tongue. It’s a sign that something is wrong with the cat. Cats may bite their tongue accidentally while eating too fast or during a fight with other cats. It can also happen while they try to lick their chin after eating or drinking or while they blep during sleep.

However, it can be a sign that your cat is experiencing oral problems and experiencing extreme discomfort. When you notice that your cat is sticking its tongue out most of the time or trying to bite it being frustrated, you must consult your vet or animal behaviorist right away. You can also check your cat’s tongue regularly to make sure that everything is alright.

Why Do Cats Bite Their Tongue While Sleeping

Due to blepping behavior, cats can bite their tongue while sleeping. Blepping or keeping their tongue out of their mouth is common in most cats. It’s one of the lovely behavior that makes your feline friend more adorable and affectionate.

They stick their tongue outside of their mouth and act like panting. Though they do this unknowingly, it is lovely to watch. They can do this even when they are asleep and unexpectedly end up biting their tongue. They don’t do it consciously, as biting their tongue cause pain and discomfort. 

Things To Consider 

There are some other things you should consider if your cat bites its tongue accidentally. When your cat sticks its tongue out most of the time or accidentally bites the tongue, you must consult your vet immediately.

But to avoid such situations, you must make sure that your cat is having a comforting environment in your house. Moreover, you should regularly check your cat’s health condition. 

Give Your Cat A Comforting Environment 

Give your cat a comforting environment where your feline friend can be happy and relaxed. If you have more than one pet, you should keep a sharp eye on everyone. Make sure everyone is having adequate food, resting space, and attention.

Give them properly balanced food in a noise-free area. Give them easy access to drinking water. Keep your cat away from your neighbor’s cats to minimize the risk of a fight. Take care of your cat and offer your love and affection; it will return the same.

Regularly Check Your Cat’s Health 

Check your cat’s tongue, teeth, paws, and overall health condition regularly. If your cat bites its tongue, doesn’t eat, or shows unusual aggressiveness, you must consult your vet to figure out what is wrong with your cat.

To make sure your cat is in good health and minimize the risk of biting its tongue, you can check the following things regularly – 

  • Observe your cat’s food habit 
  • Check your cat’s weight regularly 
  • Check your cat’s tongue and teeth 
  • Make sure flea, mites, or other parasites are not bothering your cat 
  • Make sure your cat is playing enough to burn calories
  • Pay attention to your cat’s overall behavior 

If you find anything unusual in your cat, you should consult your vet or animal behaviorist to help you make your feline friend healthy and active.


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